Sandi Krakowski Interview On The State Of Information Marketing, The Internet And Running Companies In The Next Year!

Listen in to a Top Secret interview that will be released at Glazer Kennedy's Info-Summit 2011!

Learn first hand my answers to the following questions:

1. Now that we are in the 3rd quarter of 2011, what do you see as trends in "Information Marketing" or business in general? Concerns? Opportunities we should jump on?

2. Since you started your business growing so fast, can you comment so we can learn from you some of the biggest lessons you learned and changes you have made both professionally and personally throughout the years.

3. What are you the most proud of professionally and professionally since you started your current company?

4. Think "Information Marketing" will continue to grow in the next ten years? How do you think the business will change?

5. Since your background is in copywriting, how important is copywriting in regards to creating videos? Do you use scripts?

6. What media avenues do you think have the greatest potential to bring in leads? Online or offline? Traditional?

7. What advise would you give someone that is just getting started to help them with their copywriting?

8. What has continually been one of your greatest resources or inspirations? What resources would you recommend?

9. What do you have in the works that we should be listening for or on the lookout for?

The answers given on this interview could create a MASSIVE SHIFT in your business if you were to even apply just ONE strategy given!

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