"The Real War Of Success That Most Will Never Fight"

By: Sandi Krakowski

There’s a real war that is required that you go through to get to the point of destiny and call.

It’s a battle in the barracks between self and fear…. Between truth and reality.

It’s the war where you pull yourself up by the bootstraps and you give YOURSELF a good kick in the ass and make yourself move.

Far too many people look at those who have achieved success as though they had a ‘silver spoon’ or a ‘gold serving plate’. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Every successful person you see has had to peel their way through the mire and the muck to get to where they are today.

DO NOT rob yourself of this FIGHT!

We live in a generation where people have lost their fight.

William Wilberforce was an Abolitionist of his time who fought for 47 long rigorous years before he saw victory.  The tears that fall from my eyes as I wonder what he would think of 27 million slaves today in existence, in my modern world with all of it’s technology and advance…. What message would he have for us?

I cannot emphasize to you enough the journey and the process and my friends….

The sheer WAR OF IT ALL.

24 years ago I was a single mother living on $5,000 per year… and governmental assistance. My decisions back then were deciding if we’d get meat this week or would we eat peanut butter again with our whole wheat toast.  I also had a level of fear and torment in my spirit at that time that is not even in my DNA anymore…. Fear of failing my son, torment and horror that I might not be a good enough mother…

…. The hours I spent on my face, praying and begging GOD for help.

So many forget that although I’ve been building businesses online for 15 years… there was a time, back in 2001, that my WAR escalated..

The war of plowing through 14 diseases, multiple childhood traumas and pains…. Multiple 6 figures in debt and medical treatments that were destroying my mind and my soul.

People forget that the ONLY REASON I have the level of conviction I do is because I fought and continue to fight my own personal war.

I continue on a daily basis to slay the demon of self-doubt and Resistance who remind me that this THING called my life is way beyond me and I could never do it.

I raise my sword and cry from the top of my heart,

“YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT’s BIGGER THAN ME! It’s NOT ABOUT me, you lying sucker from hell!”

And I chop off it’s head with the truth that I was BORN for this purpose…

I was designed for this war…

I will not take the path of LEAST Resistance but I will fight until my last dying breath.

Where are the Mighty Champions who will sell things, as I have, on EBay to pay for courses to improve their skills and hire a mentor to keep them on track? Who will DO WHATEVER it takes to get to the next level in this thing call THEIR LIFE?!

Where the MIGHTY CHAMPIONS who will not give up, give in, silence themselves, sit down, recoil or resist when they KNOW they have a call and a purpose they must WAR FOR?!

Where are the Mighty Champions who will leave their children a legacy because they refused to quit, they didn’t spend 10000 hours per day on Facebook whining about their trouble.. but they DID what it takes, to pull themselves up by the bootstraps… and get to the finish line?

Even when we don’t believe…. We must war.

Even when we can’t see…. We must fight.

There comes a time when YOU PERSONALLY must pull yourself up by your own holy ass and tell YOURSELF that you will trust God and the sheer grit of that war, my friends, will teach you more than anything I could ever personally write.

Will you walk the narrow road?

Will you fight your own war?

Don’t ROB YOURSELF of that process looking for a lucky break.

Conviction comes when you PLOW through your own personal crap…. On the road to your own personal destiny.

With love,

Sandi Krakowski