"Working with a millionaire copywriter is one of the fastest ways to achieve the highest level of skill in writing" 


A Real Change Certified Apprenticeship Email Copywriters Program 

5 People Only Who Are Serious About Developing A Career In Copywriting!  (SOLD OUT!!)

Starting January 5th, 2012 


Dear copywriter, business person, company who needs to train their in house staff or solo-preneur,

I remember the first time I ever wrote an email that converted. It startled me! I remember my thoughts, "You mean I just wrote that letter, people bought and that client just made $ 12,890? You have got to be kidding me!" Since that day I've gone on to write emails that generate 6-figures at a time and have learned to not only speak to clients by email better than any other platform that exists, but I'm also teaching others to do the same. 

In my past I was always writing my own copy.

My entire career online, 14 years, I have NEVER ONCE hired a copywriter to do our ads, email marketing, newsletters, sales page, nothing! I was the hand and brain behind it all and still am today. Writing for myself was one thing, learning to write for others was a totally different story!

When you write for someone else it's your responsibility as a writer to learn about their ideal client, saturate your mind with what the clients dream about. Everything I teach in my best selling book "Read Their Mind: How To Hear What The Marketplace Wants & Build A Huge Business." Doing this for your own business is one thing. Learning to do this for others is a totally different ballgame.

One secret that I've shared in our copywriting classes is how to saturate your mind with someone else's niche. How to 'hear' what the clients want and how to find the urgent pressing problem quickly so you can write to it!  Many of our clients have come out of these courses building lists that are enormous, like Tara and Christine who run a PR firm. They added more than 20,000 new people to their list in under 6 months! Others have learned to write blog posts that get rapid response and fill out webinars!  

When it all is settled and done….  you have to write words that the ideal client is thinking.  

In 2012 I have set aside a specific time in my schedule to work with an elite group of only 5 people to help them create the career they KNOW they are designed for!  

Now listen up…

This is not for someone just learning to blog.

This is not for someone just dreaming about writing.

This is NOT for someone who thinks writing words is a 'cool way' to make cash..  

THIS is for the serious writer who KNOWS they have a calling to become one of the best copywriters the direct response marketing world has ever seen.

Someone who people are already commenting about when they write.

Someone who has headlines pouring into their head when they should sleep… someone who could send an email to their clients or the clients they are writing for every single day if they were allowed to, because they love writing and motivating people THAT much.  

NOTE: A company could really benefit to have their In House Copywriter take this program. But just one person can attend per seat to coaching and sessions. 

Is that you?

If it is, I am ready to work with you and make you one of my official Certified A Real Change Apprentice Copywriters, specializing in Email Copywriting.

There are only 5 spots and when they are gone, we are not extending the program at all. 

If you are ready to go, we're ready to serve you!

With love,

Sandi Krakowski


P.S. This program is a 6-month program and is not intended to repeat. We might extend it another 6-months to continue mentorship for those who need or want it but we will not repeat this again in 2012.





  • Complimentary membership in the Emerald Membership complete with monthly 20 page printed newsletter and CD.  
  • Complimentary access to The Inner Circle Coaching Program– PRICELESS!

1. Personal access to Sandi's "Apprenticeship Email" for your copy reviews for 6 months – PRICELESS, Sandi doesn't give this out to anyone!!!  You can send reviews for Sandi to go over, ask your most pertinent questions when they come up. 

2. 2- 30 minute live private sessions on the phone with Sandi for copy reviews each month for 6 months   $995.00 value

3. 2- 60 minute live group sessions in the "Apprenticeship Blueprint Room" where reviews are reviewed, critiqued, edited and refined   $897 value

4. Access to over 250 Pages Of Swipe File Copy!!! $2997.00 value

5. Sandi's Auto Responder Magic All Day Clinic – 8 Hours $497.00 value

6. Sandi's Email & Newsletter All Day Clinic- 8 Hours $497.00 value

7. Sandi's Total Online Blueprint Digital Course- 12 Hours of content and manuals $997.00 value

8. Sandi's WordPress For Business, Email Marketing, Web Copy Course in her 6-Figure Mastery Program  $247.00

9. Private Facebook group for all 5 Apprenticeship students- PRICELESS

10. Certification and Referral to Sandi's clients as an official "A Real Change Certified Email Copywriting Expert" – PRICELESS!!  

JUST ADDED: —>>> 11. Private Retreat with Sandi Krakowski and all 5 Apprentices in July of 2012 to get you positioned in the marketplace at the top level with a full marketing map and business plan retreat!

You will be required to follow a set of standards that our clients have come to know and trust.  The program starts on Jan 5, 2012.


5 People Only Who Are Serious About Developing A Career In Copywriting!  (SOLD OUT)


Enrollment is $ 9,997.00 into the Apprenticeship Program   


$ 2000.00 deposit for monthly payment plan TODAY

$ 1697.00 per month for 5 months on an EZ Payment plan

billing starts January 5, 2012