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A Real Change Certified Social Media Content Management Program

Are you looking for a career that is HIGH in demand and has the potential to create more than $10,000 in earnings per month your very first year? Then keep reading.

It's not a secret that Social Media Marketing has been the biggest shift in the marketing world to hit the internet in a very long time. And behind every successful Social Media Marketing campaign for businesses, is a person who helps bring it all together.

At A Real Change we are very serious about helping people grow their skills so they can be some of the best service providers in the entire world. This is one of those positions we are serious about helping YOU grow in!

A SM Content Manager manages content that includes but is not limited to the following:
·      Articles
·      Sales Letters
·      Newly released products
·      PR
·      Company updates
·      Sales and promotions
·      Events
·      Contest
·      Keywords and Tags in SM content
·      Headlines
·      Conversion data
·      Personal interaction
·      Direct Message answering

And more!
Here’s the earning potential of a SM Manager, who has already built up a good following themselves and understands the basic steps of SM Management:
Client A- Manage all articles on 30 day cycles, schedule tweets and posts, update 3-4 photos per week, manage one profile for company on Twitter.  $ 797 per month
Client B- Write all headlines for content, manage articles on 30 day cycles, schedule tweets and posts, update photos 2-3 times per week, handle monthly contests, publish coupons, take client requests and sent to customer support.  $1597 per month
Client C- All of Client B tasks and custom create 50 Hashtags per month for client. $1797 per month
The potential income of activity such as this would bring in:  $4191.00.  Much of the work could be done the first week of every month and managed on just a few hours the rest of the month.
Increase the amount above to include 7 clients and you are now making over $10,000 per month.

The Most Demanded Job In 2012 Ever!

In February 2012 I will be conducting a Private Training Classroom where I will personally be training a select group of clients to take their business to the next step and become an ARC Certified Social Media Content Manager.

One of the biggest changes to hit the online world was the invention of social media. Many balked it at the beginning, but that's usually the case with anything new. Now that I've been working online for more than 14 years I've come to realize that things change so rapidly that if you don't like change you really should just go home rather than even attempting to work an internet based business.

Social media is one of the most powerful forces of change in the world I've seen in a long time. And as the internet used to excite me so much, 14 years ago…. I couldn't wait to see what people were doing, how things were growing, how things were changing…. I'm watching social media the same way. It excites me! YOU have changed me and helped me to be who I am today!

I am ready to help a select group of people to build a HUGELY profitable business.

Become an ARC Certified Social Media Content Manager and run YOUR own business!


What the course includes:

FREE Membership in the Inner Circle-120 days  ( $ 591 value )

FREE Membership in the Emerald Membership Program– 120 days  ($111 value )

FREE Email Marketing All-Day Clinic 6 Hours ( $ 497 value )

Sandi's Email Marketing Swipe File -548 pages, 244 emails!– ($ 5000 value)

DISCOUNTED SEAT to the LIVE Dallas, TX Event March 31 & April! As a student you will pay the discounted fee to our "The Divine Call Of God On Business" event

$ 2102.00 IN BONUS Materials to get off to the fastest start!

A Real Change SEAL Of Approval For Your Website Upon Completion

  • 1- 3 Hour Workshop Per Month on a Saturday Morning- 3 total Workshops, 9 hours total
  • 1 weekly video whiteboard Training per week work on at your own pace, pre-recorded that we'll discuss in our private Facebook group (30 min) 12 weeks
  • Sandi's private email– Sandi's private SM Contact Management Email to review any tweets, facebook posts or content you're doing (1 email per week per student)
  • ARC Certification Seal for your website and referrals
  • FB group Private Interaction With Sandi – 120 days 

PLEASE NOTE: This schedule has been made so you can implement and activate everything you are learning. You'll have an intense workshop each month and then activate, receive updates weekly by video and interaction with Sandi in her Private Facebook group and by weekly email.  WE ARE SERIOUS about your results, this gives you a pace to ACTIVATE & Master!

120 day training program


February 18, 2012  – 3 hour Clinic

March 24, 2012- 3 hour Clinic

April 28, 2012 – 3 hour clinic

Videos released on Fridays in Facebook group Feb 11- April 28th

(One week off for Live Event In Dallas, TX)


This Event Is Sold out!!

Sandi’s 100% Personal Guarantee!

Sandi’s Special Satisfaction Guarantee- If you are not completely satisfied and don’t walk away from this series ready to take action and run your business- simply ask for a refund and we’ll gladly give you 100% of your money back, no questions asked!

Disclaimer: This is where I have to tell you to not be a nut case and think this is a lottery ticket. It's not. If you don't intend to work than get a job at a food joint. If you don't do anything with your business you might not earn anything. If you do more than I did you could possibly earn more.  Obviously there is a risk with all businesses.