"What I love about Sandi (besides her outrageous hair) is her energy to
get so much done. She is a true implementer and a role model for anyone
to emulate."
  Bill Glazer, Co-Founder of Glazer-Kennedy Insiders Circle

NOW!! Unedited 12+ hours of audio from the LIVE event that created the BEST Selling Book!

Read Their Mind: How To Hear What The Marketplace Wants And Build A Huge Business

Have you felt like you're not getting through to your customers? You aren't the problem, it's just the words you are using… switch that and you'll get greater results!

Dear new entrepreneur,

When you enter the business world there are two things that will literally make or break any chances you have for success.

These two things are so critical that even if you have the best branding, website, product, widget, doo-hickie-thingamabob that ever was, you will fail, miserably.

The first is a client base. You want to have so many prospects at your beckon call that you can 'open your vault' at anytime and tap into your highly targeted client base and create cash on demand with the click of a finger.

Secondly, is the ability to read minds.

Now I must warn you. Once you master this ability to understand how your clients think, read, process information, and then easily close the sale, you'll be amazed at how easy it is to succeed AND serve people. You can say the exact words your ideal client is already speaking in their subconscious mind. For example- when they KNOW they want to lose weight so that they can be who they were designed to be, (Not someone struggling with weight) you'll never focus again on ingredients, tastes and costs of a weight loss product.

Now I'm not talking about some kind of mind control or ridiculous NLP practice, I'm suggesting that if we pay attention long enough to our customers, you'll never struggle again in business. Service means I want to help.

"Read Their Mind- How To Hear What The Marketplace Wants And Build A HUGE Business" By: Sandi Krakowski 

Content includes the following and MORE unedited content from the live event




Getting Mixed-Up In Business

      Starting With ‘Why’

    Gaga Knows Why, Do You?

     Listening Tools

     Going Beyond Keywords

     Listen, Ask, Listen

    I know what you want

    Your Passion Leads

    Identify Your Passion

    Your Stage Is Your Purpose

   More Jedi Mind Reading

  The Good, The Bad, and The Awesome

   Ask, Listen, and Speak Their Language

   Activate, Execute and

Prosper Daily in Business

   Talk The Through Your Process

   Let Me Show You My Entry Doors

   Release The Gift That God Gave You

  Daily and Weekly Action To Take

  How To Write A Great Bio

 Banner Ads, Mommy Blogs, and

More List Building  



– How to search Amazon and find the best copywriting words that will convert because your audience is already saying the words you need.
– Where to search on Amazon, Google, Facebook and Twitter to find these words.
– How to take a mixed up multiple-message business and create a Profit System in under 30 days (Hot Seat Session you can't miss!)
-How to ask the right questions on social media so you can add 50-100 new followers per day without using any automated systems.
-Why relationship is key and your audience doesn't CARE what you think about your product.
-Words that sell and words that don't sell- there's a BIG difference!

-How to use Google and follow the path of ads, organic searches into Amazon and find the right words for your PPC PayPerClick ads so they convert like gangbusters.
-Why your biggest struggle WILL BE to Read Their Mind & how to fix this in less than 30 days.
-Building a long term relationship with your clients that makes you love your work, build a big bank account and truly step into the serving posture of a successful business owner


Have you felt like you're not getting through? It could be you're not speaking the language of your ideal client and they can't HEAR you! You aren't the problem, it's just the words you are using… switch that and you'll get greater results!

Case in point- one of my top coaching clients has a list that hates the word, "Webinar"…. so when she began marketing her group coaching, she dropped that word. She still uses GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar, but she now refers to these calls as a Tele-Event or Group Coaching. She closed an entire coaching program in under a week by switching the WORDS she uses.

The goal is to create results. And the only way you'll ever be able to do that is to create a big client following who are loyal, eager and ready to do business with you! To accomplish that, you have to read their mind, talk their talk and speak to their passions. Let me teach you how to do this flawlessly and honestly!

Write Copy That Converts & Create Customers Who Beg You For More, Month After Month…..It's THAT Easy!


NEVER before has it ever been so easy to learn the Who, What and WHY of all copywriting. You'll be amazed at the ability to learn what your ideal clients need and how to give it to them exactly as they desire…. with results that are beyond staggering… They are SHOCKING!
Learn step by step how I've been able to build my companies with client bases in excess of 150,000 in less than 15 months and into the multi-million dollar profit zone every single time. It's a Science that is proven and tried and you can use it immediately with your respective company.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • HOW to write copy that converts!
  • Secret words that create an avalanche of profits in ANY niche!
  • HOW to write emails that get opened and people do exactly what you want them to do, without feeling like you're smoozing, selling or soliciting!
  • Lead a group of people through a sales process on your website so that they not only buy your products, but they TELL everyone about it as well!
  • Get more than 500 Facebook likes, 250 Tweets and 200 comments to ANY sales page in under 2 weeks! ( PROOF- I'll show you my data!)
  • Speak to your clients subconscious mind, where they are already talking to themselves
  • Use 'Body Language" on a website, simply and easily
  • Learn to speak to the "core" of the person so selling happens effortlessly
  • Use Jedi-Mind tricks in your PPC, Social Media and more!


This MESSAGE has a mission and a purpose.

It will rewrite and reestablish the way business has been done, forever. When the small business owner as well as the big corporate executive gets this Science in their hot little hands, stock market crashes, economic challenges and even international commerce and trade can't stop this thing.

Are you ready to Read Their Mind?

WARNING: This should not be used for your own personal gain. This CONTENT is so powerful that in the wrong hands it could bring about a tragic result. Use this to serve the marketplace and prosper into the leader you were designed to be!    


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