WHY Personal Posts On A Facebook Page Are PUSH MARKETING Strategies That Propel Your Sales Messages Deeper Into The Facebook Feed

As you build your business through social media remember this: YOU are the one that people want to engage with. People aren’t loyal to products or services as much as they are the FEELING they get from these items and the experiences they have with your company.

This is why you want to bring some personal things onto your page. For example: Today, when I really was impacted by something God gave me during my quiet time with Him, I hurried up and made a video. Now, not everyone is as confident as I am about what they look like early in the morning, but I was MORE concerned with releasing this word to people than I was worrying about my eyeshadow color.

These PERSONAL videos, personal interactions PUSH my marketing forward. PUSH marketing is happening on social media by a lot of the PERSONAL, every day  things you post. My personal videos and photos PUSH my marketing messages deeper  into the Facebook feed and my overall engagement goes up!

Remember this focus: Friendly, not familiar. Helpful, not extreme. As you bring in some personal stories from your life or family, you give others a chance to interact and engage. Comments will go up, likes and shares will increase…. and engagement is happening organically.

Try this today. Look at what I’ve shared on my page. Then you share something  from your life. I’ve shared several things in the last six years, you can review some of my longer posts from just the last month for some examples. Add a photo or two, invite your followers to engage with you, and talk about their lives. It’s a lot of fun and it’s good ole fashioned business at it’s finest! 🙂 THEN when you post your product for sale, or your opt in offer, CONVERSIONS go up!

This works for big brands too! Just pay attention to what Dove is doing lately, or Starbucks or even, some major television shows!  If you want more of this kind of “Magnetic Engagement” training, join me and my team as we lead you through several weeks of content marketing and conversion! You can STILL get $50 OFF if you register by Monday!

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With love,

Sandi Krakowski