If you can follow directions, work inside of Facebook and Twitter…. have the courage to learn some simple steps in the Facebook Ad Manager and have already put a budget aside of $200-300 per month, I can teach YOU PPC advertising that works!

PPC Advertising For Beginners Who Don't Know What They're Doing But Wanna Play With The Big Guys!


Dear business owner, Mom and Pop shop owner, those in direct sales, writers, freelancers and everyone else who is building a business online with a blog-

At our recent event I shared some of the very same trainings I taught in my Pay Per Click Class For Beginners we released in April of this year. More than 2500+ people are already getting RIDICULOUS results with this class… 

We weren't going to release this again, as it's a one-time learning opportunity…. but more than 70,000 NEW people are following us and doing business with us…. so it's time to let the rest of you know what is going on!!!!
17 years ago I built my first online business that was done with just 2 tools- only two. Newsletters and PPC advertising. Back in time we all used Pay Per Click advertising as a BIG part of our online marketing. Overture lead the trail in most cases and I had my own personal sales rep that I could call on anytime to get help with any problems I had.

My campaigns ran in excess of $ 20,000 per month and generated more than $ 200,000 in sales , the rest coming in through word of mouth and newsletters.

Fast forward to the years I spent as a freelancer, marketing expert, copywriter, in direct sales for 24 months and all the other businesses I've built for myself…… every single time I've used PayPerClick advertising to do things that NO ONE had any idea I was doing….

As a matter of fact…… blushing here a little…. a LOT of those big guy gurus online still have no clue how I do it or what tools I use or where I'm generating ALL of my PPC campaigns…

Because I do a good job of cleaning my trail and making sure very few can figure me out. On purpose! BUT NOW…. I'm ready to teach you!

[vc_video link=”https://vimeo.com/199374975/fd1e471d68″ align=”center”]

Mom Working From Home Stops Working 80+ Hours Per Week And Increases Income! (you can too!) WATCH THIS STORY ABOVE!!

A Real Change International was built initially on only $ 500 per month in PPC .. and we've since moved that up, obviously, as we're running a BIG business with hundreds of thousands of clients. 

But listen to this…

Of all the things I've done again, in my business, during the last 27 months, NOTHING is as easy to manage as these two big tools- Pay Per Click on the Facebook Ad platform.


RESULTS!!! 30 DAYS Of working on PPC with us & our PPC Methods! 

"Sandi, Just wanted to share with you what ONE month did to my fan page! On Oct 7, my fan pages likes were 286, with 67 talking, and a reach of 696. Today I have 639 likes, with 306 talking, and a reach of 67,712! HELLOOOO! Thank you for your godly wisdom that you share with us!" Susan

Here's an example of just some of the things we use each month to market our busienss:

  • Banner ads
  • List shares
  • Endorsements
  • Guest blogs
  • Postcards
  • Direct Mail
  • Social Media
  • Newsletters

and more… because we use A LOT of methods to acquire new clients. But get this….  Not one of these tools that we do use and we depend on every single month is as easy to get an instant result with like we see with PPC.

ALL of the above mentioned forms of advertising generate a huge profit for us. But the fastest test, trial, 'let's see if this works' campaigns we do each month come from PPC.


"I just wanted to let you know that after following your direction and creating a business page and then doing an ad, I went from 30 likes to 111 likes in under 3 days! And, the best part…people are starting to interact!!! I am so excited and have this crazy excited/nervous feeling in my gut!!! I know that I will be able to impact SO MANY people now that I had never thought possible!!! Oh…and this is on a $10/day budget!!! Thank you, THANK you, THANK YOU!!!"  Amy Wojaczyk

"Thank YOU Sandi Krakowski!!!" Andy Redmon (See image above!)

RESULTS! Building Your Business with the ARC model- Get your ideal clients connecting on FB, Twitter, Blog & Email. It WORKS!!!

"After going over my notes from the event and the PPC course I placed my very first FB ad. I am super excited about my Facebook results since placing my ad on 10/10/12. My ad got approved right away and the results in the last 6 days are amazing I have a 78% engagement rate. I started with 260 likes now I have 829 likes and it has only costs me $100. Shooting for my first 1000 likes. Thanks for all you do Sandi!!"– Jaime

You've heard me say that social media alone builds a BIG 7 figure profit for our company and our newsletters do a huge portion as well, along with banner ads and guest blogs.

But if I had to put a crown on ONE FORM of marketing and advertising that we do and we use….. that out performs them all when it comes to time and speed, it's Pay Per Click.

NOTE: That's your clue to not stop what you're doing but add PPC to the plan.

People have begged me to teach them what I do…. and let me just say this, I've managed for other clients budgets of $30-65,000 per month creating killer results for private clients….. and I've also been able to take budgets that were $14,000 and trim them to $6500 generating twice the results. Many of my coaching clients start out with $ 100 per month and see results that lead them to test out other forms of marketing as well….

How do I say this without sounding like I have a big head?

I KNOW what I'm talking about, it's not on trial and it works.

There is a risk with all forms of advertising.

There is no guarantee.

If some geek online or guru tells you that anyone can do Pay Per Click advertising with success and that every person who does their training will succeed…. slap them and then run! That is simply not true.

The art of doing PPC means you have to be able to spend $ 200-300 per month to learn and to test. You can't have a crying fit, run to your therapist or say it doesn't work if the $ 200-300 per month doesn't work for you. It's the nature of advertising.

But if you are willing to learn… and you can take some time with this thing.. and you're willing to give it a try?  I can teach you how to turn your business on like a freaking wildfire into a rapid conversion machine!

You HAVE TO BE doing activity on Facebook and Twitter already to run some tests I'm going to teach you, so listen….. no matter how small your page is, NOW is the time to get going! 

You must have activated and running before this class:

  • Facebook Timeline profile
  • Facebook Fan Page
  • Twitter profile

and listen very carefully please, because I don't want to hear the whining…. you must be USING THEM already. PERIOD. Please don't waste my time or yours trying to get into this class and learning that later. If you have all of this running and you are ready to put your actions to work, YOU can learn PPC.



"I got 192 new "likes" on my Facebook page between Sunday evening and Tuesday afternoon with an investment of $90.  I just lowered my daily allowance to $5/day, so it will slow down now, but DANG!  That was fast!!" Julie B

"My FB page was fairly new so I started out with only 41 likes. At the time of this email, I am 24 hours into the placing my first ad, and I now have 72 likes. So 31 new subscribers. I should also point out that during this first 24 hours I have only been targeting about 38,000 people, which is a far cry from the 1.5 million you recommended. I knew the niche I chose was highly targeted though so I wanted to give it a shot with just those 38,000 and see what happened. I'll be expanding to include a lot more people soon, but I am pretty pleased with the 31 new subscribers in 24 hours. Oh, and I'm just doing $5 a day!" Amy

"59 New likes in less then 12 hours!!! My ad was approved at 8:00am this morning, it is now 7:47pm and my business page has 59 NEW likes!! WHOO HOO!! Thank you Sandi!!" Ashley 

"Sandi! See my results in just 48 HOURS!!  From 163 fans to 251 fans!! " Fredericka 


"Your ppc click has helped me get over 100 new likes 2 new prospects SO FAR, and being able to help new people!" Jess


RESULTS!!! "Sprout! I started running Facebook ads on October 17th starting with 354 likes. It's Nov 2nd and we now have 1,024 Likes!! This happened in two weeks:) Super excited!! This is what great training and activating do for you. Thanks Sandi!!" Tiffany


RESULTS!!!! From 2 Fans to 1000 IN A MONTH!!! "Wanted to drop a line to share my excitement with you. Went from 2 fans to 1,000 within a month with 1,445 people talking about this; all I had to do was implement everything I learned in the Inner Circle Coaching Program and PPC class. Thank you so much…YOU ROCK !!!" Josette

RESULTS!!!! 1000 FANS & making money in less than 30 days!!! "Exactly one month ago I had 2065 fans. After only a week of advertising $10 a day, I was up nearly 200 fans! As I tweaked the ads through the month, I was so excited to see 1000 new fans in only 1 month. And the ladies who have found this site are SO GRATEFUL. I am getting message after message about how they've been looking for something like this and now they've found a group of women who truly get them. I am humbled to have been given this responsibility to serve these fans. Thank you Sandi for helping me to reach people in need. I've even increased my advertising budget so I can get to them even faster." Lori Mercer

RESULTS!! 3200 NEW PEOPLE in ONE MONTH!!! "Started October 7th with 1,122 after a year on FB. Since October 7th we have grown 3,282 in 1 month with a Mon-Friday $10 a day budget. Thank you Sandi!" Kiddie Captions

RESULTS! From another beginning PPC Ad "Sooo…Excited right now; didn't think it was possible to see result like this already, I have people calling and emailing me about coaching packages, I don't think it's been a month yet since I've connected with you. All I can say YOU ROCK Pink hair chick!" WOOHOO!!!  To Better Health Inc

RESULTS!!!! "Went through the PPC class and placed my first FB ad this week. On Monday I had 400 likes. I just passed 500 and engagement is WAY up! It works, it really works!!" Jessica Taylor

RESULTS!!! 30 DAYS Of working on PPC with us & our PPC Methods!
"Sandi, Just wanted to share with you what ONE month did to my fan page! On Oct 7, my fan pages likes were 286, with 67 talking, and a reach of 696. Today I have 639 likes, with 306 talking, and a reach of 67,712! HELLOOOO! Thank you for your godly wisdom that you share with us!" Susan



This is a beginners class. 


If you're already spending $ 200-300 per month on marketing and advertising and you are ready to KICK IT UP a notch, get some cranking results and some ridiculous traffic and results..

I have only two words for you-

Let's go!

With love,

Sandi Krakowski



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Each session is a separate module so you can fast forward, rewind, activate your ads and work at YOUR own pace! Want to profit fast or slow? It's up to you!

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