Editor’s Note-

Do you work with a Direct Sales company? If you do… keep reading. If you don’t…. keep reading as well.
Social Media has impacted our companies bottom line and how we do business so significantly that I’ve had to seriously reassess what we’re going to teach in the upcoming months to our coaching clients.  It’s not that we aren’t already teaching what we do in social media… it’s just that if you go through our WP Class, our Email Marketing and Copy classes you will eventually come face to face with your need to go beyond just a surface level of understanding when it comes to social media.
Just as an FYI we have personally added 50,000 PEOPLE to our Facebook Page in 7 months and have a 40% engagement rate! That’s ridiculous… and something to pay attention to.
Learn today some of the strategies we’ve used to connect with our clients, make the online and the offline world closer and how to serve people with love through business.
Today’s article is a game changer!  Even if you aren’t in direct sales? You’d better pay attention because the methods we are teaching are the same ones we PERSONALLY are using daily.
I hope you enjoy today’s article! 
With love,
Sandi Krakowski
How To Make More Money In Direct Sales Online- Step By Step Through Social Media 
By: Sandi Krakowski 


  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Hootsuite
  • Technorati
  • Digg
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Google Plus
and more!
What on earth do you do first if you’re running a business that markets a product like vitamins, essential oils, makeup for fitness?
As many of you know I’ve been building businesses online for the last 16 years. My career started out with an eCommerce business that grew to an online forum and eventually 3 simultaneous eCommerce businesses running profitably!

Building my career online led me in many directions… and one was a very successful Direct Sales Business. Something I rarely have talked about however is how we were able to-

  • Generate my own leads
  • Build my own landing pages
  • Used my blog for building rapport
  • Used a newsletter to keep my top customers on task and ordering
  • Used a group call to build business builders

Let me share something very strategic with you that occurred in 2009. It was at this time that we began to use social media marketing for our business. As a freelance copywriter and marketer, initially I thought social media was something only ‘chatty’ people who liked to waste their time away all day long we using. What a serious waste of time! But then my mind was changed.. keep reading.

I began to “tweet” and post on Facebook and Twitter what I was doing. If we did an auto responder series for a client, it became a post. If someone made $19,000 with one of our emails they hired us to write, it became a post or a tweet. Much to my surprise Direct Messages, oftentimes referred to as DM’s, were pouring into my inbox. People were asking me to work for them.

Sales page copy orders began to come in.

Questions about doing PPC  (pay per click) came in. People were asking me to do their WordPress Blogs, sales pages and landing pages. Companies were hiring me to do their lead generation! It was utterly amazing!

I LOVE social media!

Addicted is a better word to describe how much I love social media… in all the very best ways! Addicted to helping people, seeing lives change, seeing people get results…. because business could be done in such a fast pace of ‘real time results’ this became the key to much of what we were doing! Because my Smart Phone was already hooked up to me most of the day, it became very easy! I’d tweet at lunch, post on FB anytime an idea came to my mind. If I heard a quote… it was posted.

Fast forward to today and how we built our business that is now known as A Real Change International Inc. Something that many people don’t realize is this – the exact same way that we built this company to the multiple 7-Figure mark is the EXACT same way that my clients who are in Direct Sales are building their business!

One of my students you’ve heard a lot about, Madra Jones, has INCREASED her business in a massive way through social media. What generated for us millions of dollars in profits has worked for her with her Direct Sales business.

Here are some of the strategies that we’ve taught Madra and she is successfully using to add clients to her business daily-


Every person who joins her is put into a Facebook Group. In this private group you can encourage others and help them build their business as well!

Share one product per week. Do not try to build a business where you direct people to a ton of products. Focus on one product, what it does, why people need to use it weekly.

Have your clients who are using your products share your products.

Tweet between distributors and share secrets that others will wonder, “What is that?” and want to join you

Share what you are doing daily with your life, your family and how your business has changed you. 

People love pictures, share things about your kids- family is first! People will follow you if you share that!

One thing to remember as you market your Direct Sales business through social media is this- quit selling! I realize that many of you have been taught to sell sell sell so you can make more money! The reality is serve and give of yourself through social media and you’ll attract the best clients to yourself for your business. 

Isn’t it time we get serious about our business? I’m here to support you every step of the way?

With Love,
Sandi Krakowski