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Millionaire Mastermind With Sandi Krakowski and PJ McClure 2012

This is for a select few in our client base who are ready for the next level. You will know who you are as soon as I begin talking… 

You have a business and you are succeeding. That is not an issue. You are building a list, maybe even doing direct mail…. or you could be doing all direct mail and just recently learning to do email marketing.

Your social media channels are growing, connecting and profiting.

The marketing campaigns you're doing are prospering and you are succeeding!

But you know there is more.  There is A LOT more and building a business to  $500,000 per year is not your goal You KNOW you have to go to millons. 

The only reason I would ever say I can take someone to millions of dollars in cash in their business is because I have done it. And I've done it 6 times!  

Not only that, but with the recent quadruple increase we've had in our own profits, taking our business to the highest point we've ever gotten to before, producing six figure DAYS and I KNOW I can take you there. 

I've personally written $ 1.8 million dollars into my business in 36 hours.. and can teach you how to do the same.

What we're wondering is this….. who are you?

If you are ready to become a part of the most exclusive program we have to date, one designed for those who are going to millionaire status, please submit your application with the link at the bottom of this page.


My head coach at A Real Change, PJ McClure and I have just now opened our doors for a select few who are ready to go to the next level. 


This program is NOT for everyone. 

The price alone will forbid that. But if you want to be a millionaire, hang out with those who are and know what it takes, submit your application below.

We look forward to hearing from you.
Sandi Krakowski 


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NEW PROGRAM-  Millionaire Mastermind Level Level For Coaches, Business Owners Or Executives. 


For Executive & Highest business owners who are on track in their business to earn $500,000-1,000,000+. BY APPLICATION ONLY- Combined program with Sandi Krakowski & PJ McClure 




8- 1 hr calls per year,- 4hrs with Sandi & 4 hrs with PJ (Can be divided into 1/2 hr calls if desired  ($ 7900.00 value)  


2- VIP Days Full 8 hr sessions-In Person twice per year (OR 4- 4 hr sessions virtually ) Sandi & PJ in attendance with the group meets live in a private exclusive location for a 'locked away' VIP Day of business mastermind growth  ( $29,990 value)


All Of Sandi's and PJ's Products included in program  – $ 10,000 +  


FREE attendance to all of Sandi and PJ's live events


Private Mastermind Personal Email Access to Sandi & PJ – Priceless 


Cost:  $ 3500 Deposit,  $ 2995.00 per month for 7 months (Based on a 9 month commitment April-December 2012)


$ 3500 Deposit

$ 2995.00 per month for 7 months (Based on a 9 month commitment April-December 2012)

This is for a commitment to the 9 Month Program during 2012 with 7-recurring payments of $2995 billed every 30 days. Payments due April, May, June, July, August, September, October. No payments Nov & Dec