Just one tweak, a tiny edit and a campaign can go from failing to converting! What would it mean to you if you could spend three solid hours in a closed environment with the undivided attention of an extremely successful copywriter and marketer who would give you access to all they know to make sure your next campaign sings?


"Millionaire Business Web Audit Private Closed Door Session With Sandi Krakowski"

 LIMITED ONE TIME OFFER! 8 people only


Dear Business Professional, Budding Entrepreneur, Aspiring Copywriter, Author Or Anyone With A Time Crunch And A Huge Campaign That Can't Fail,

During the last 14 years I've built 11 successful businesses online. Which means I've been through all the good, bad and the ugly of every aspect of business and lived to tell about it. Today, my career is in coaching and mentoring others through our various information products, live events, books, CDs, DVDs, and private mentoring how to do what I did in all of my hugely successful companies.

This affords me a unique birds eye view of what is going on in the marketplace. It also keeps me deep in the trenches of the direct response marketing world, both online and offline, to see what is new, what is working and what has faded into the past.

On Tuesday, January 17th, 2012 from 3:00 – 7:00 pm ET  FOUR HOURS …I am going to lock myself away in a private Web Ex environment with just 8 people. In this private, closed door session, I will give everything I know to help these 8 people with any aspect of their online business. 

In my entire career, I've never done this before!

The most sought after activity that occurs at our live events is what we can "The Miracle Chair." This is the only thing that even comes close to what I am inviting just 8 people to partake in. During short sessions on stage, I invite a business owner to bring me their biggest concern, and I give them what they need. We have NEVER had one plan not be the answer the business owner was looking for. Yes, I realize that's quite the aggressive statement to make, but those of you who have attended these events with me know, that when a Divine Download comes, it fits the need.

In the last several months I've coached, consulted, edited, refined and critiqued hundreds of copywriting documents for our clients in our private coaching and classes. Small jobs like headlines that just need a minor tuneup to convert. Others are Opt In offers that need a the call to action rewritten or the offer on the swipe page redone. Still others it's an email campaign that needs to be edited, refined and spoken right to the ideal clients mind.

This could be a radical change for just 8 people only.


Obviously, this would NOT be for everyone. NO WAY. Not everyone is going to take action on the instruction they get and not everyone would be ready to do such an event. But there are some people, who could release a profit avalanche over their business with such a time!

The ideal person for such an event would have to be an implementer. No slackers, whiners, I just can't figure this out and poor pitiful me type…. not allowed.

For 4 full hours. 8 people only.  


Topics included but not limited to-

  • Rewriting a headline
  • Creating a better tag line
  • Writing 3 Pay Per Click Ads that sing
  • Taking an average email campaign into one that converts ridiculously
  • Refining a call to action so that people can NOT resist buying your product

Disclaimer- there are no guarantees.

If you do not have a list, are not already doing the things we teach, are just waiting for someone to drop a magic ball into your lap because that's what you think will make things work, this is not for you.

But if you have been working your ass off writing copy, studying your keywords, you have a list, you are growing your business but you are at a point very near momentum and can't figure out WHY things aren't working, this could be the answer you have been waiting for. 

  • Learn to speak your clients ideal language with just one tweak
  • Adjust your website so you are no longer viewed as an amateur but are NOW the Professional you were designed to be and everyone knows it
  • Create headlines and sales copy that increase loyalty
  • Take your website from so-so to magnetic and powerful!


The sessions will be recorded, screen shots, live interaction. It's like having me RE-write your copy, your website, whatever you need. 

If you believe this is the event that you must attend, grab a seat below and get ready for the ride of your life!

"Millionaire Business Web Audit Private Closed Door Session With Sandi Krakowski"

 LIMITED ONE TIME OFFER! 8 people only.  


Date: Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Time: 3:00- 7:00 pm ET/ 12:00 – 4:00 pm PST

Platform: Web Ex Online Learning And Screen Sharing

One EZ Payment Of : $ 847.00

Four EZ Payments Of: $ 227.00

8 People ONLY



*** NOTE*** Due to the nature of this class and because this is a one time offer, very exclusive event there will be no returns, cancellations or bail outs. If you already are worried about whether or not you'll get what you want, don't enroll. But if you know that the tiny risk involved with this ridiculous opportunity cannot be missed or delayed and that it could be the huge bridge you need to get to the other side, grab a seat now!