I am on a hunt for the exhausted business owner who built a 6 or 7 figure business and has lost their life. Is that you?

In our VIP program here at A Real Change International, Inc it's my honor to be able to partner with PJ McClure to work with some of the most successful clients we currently have.

Jimmy Hays Nelson who had a 78% increase in his income last year! But get this, he did so by cutting his hours back! If that wasn't enough- he brought his wife home from Corporate America and rose to the top in his company. As one of the superstars on a DVD Fitness program called "Insanity"  he coaches people around the world on how to create a new life and financial future for themselves. Oh. I forgot to say he doesn't use the phone, he does it all with a blog and social media!

Dr John Hayes Jr who is known nationally as the Doctor With Marketing Solutions. His exclusive marketing packages for chiropractors and neurologists has not only created a handsome nest egg, he recently set on the path to patent something that will change how neuropathy is treated forever! Oh… did I say he created a 7 figure business in his 'later' years? Yes, he did. When most are retiring and whining, he is soaring and climbing!

Ross Aubrey who had a run in with death and DID NOT DIE. A horrific motorcycle accident could have destroyed his chances for any kind of normal future but GOD not only miraculously healed him,  He empowered this young man to do prophetic business with a purpose! Today, Ross owns his own fitness studio and makes a very comfortable six figure income working part time. LOVING people is his daily passion!

If you are ready to propel your business forward and you are ALREADY making six figures, consider sending in your application for review in our VIP program.

Do you work too many hours?

Did you lose your dream life in the pursuit of financial freedom?

Have you built a business so big it's now caving in ?

We have 1- Opening Left in the ARC VIP Platinum Program. Our first ALL-DAY Mastermind is in just a few weeks.

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With love,
Sandi Krakowski & PJ McClure

P.S Please note , the ARC Platinum Mastermind VIP Program is onlyopen to those who are already making 6- Figures in their respective business and is accessible only by application.