How To Take A Long Vacation, Run Your Business, Make More Money & Never Feel Like You Had To Totally Disconnect

By: Sandi Krakowski

People ask me all the time, "HOW do you totally disconnect when you leave every 3 months?" 

Some of you are new to our client base and your jaw just dropped as you thought to yourself, "You LEAVE every 3 months? WHAT?!" Yes, every 3 months I'm off 18 days. It's a glorious time of refreshment and revitalizing. It's something that helps me to stay on track, continue doing what we do here at A Real Change and to be very honest with you, it forces me to go have some fun! HA! I'm a geek at heart and I love my computer. I love working online, I love to play with my website and everything about the whole internet scene. Running businesses for the last 15 years connected to the internet and my laptop, it's like second nature to me! So I have to 'schedule in fun' sometimes… making sure that I'm doing other things, like long vacations! We decided this year that every 3 months, we were going to 'Take OFF!" for 18 days. Then, the question comes up…. "HOW do you do that? Disconnect from it all?"


The idea that you have to totally disconnect to get some rest tells me that you are not totally connected when you build your business. My business never seems like a burden to me so there's really no craving for disconnect. The concept of 'disconnecting' comes from a need to 'unplug' and 'get away'. Sure, I'm super excited to be reading, sleep, tanning, swimming and feeling the ocean again, but I'm also REALLY eager to share with you some of the amazing things we encounter. I honestly don't feel like I need a 'break' from all of you and our business.

There will be a few changes, we'll be publishing our newsletter once per week and still doing our ARealChange.TV episodes, some of our daily writings will slow down and you'll see my focus shift from business, profits, marketing, copywriting to rest, the sun, cute clothes at the Tommy Bahama's store *heehee* and what we ate at Momma's Fish House. Disconnect? Let's take a peak at where this whole notion comes from to start out with.

In corporate America many people 'live for the weekend' or 'pray for happy hour' hoping to get a break, finally unwind, get away from the hustle and bustle of their job that they hate.  It's easy to get programmed into this mentality of needing to take a vacation in order to enjoy the things we do daily.

However…. If you enjoy what you do daily in a business and your business does not become YOUR LIFE……you can take vacations, days off and time away without fear that you'll come undone if you don't. You can also rest assured that your client base won't disappear or disconnect from you.

When we go to Maui on June 1- June 16th, I will post on social media daily while we are there!! ….. share our fun with you, share what I'm doing, share my food!  I'll check in with my 12 staff every day for about 30-45 minutes and make sure everyone's happy and doing well. It's not a burden because I didn't create my biz to be my slave! 

Build your DREAM LIFE & you'll stop waiting for weekends and vacations to really live.

If you're still trapped in the 9-5 bondage mindset and you built a business so that one day you would NEVER have to work, let me help you break that poverty off your life once and for all. Work is a blessing and being able to make a lot of money in your own business, give away hundreds of thousands of dollars every year, pay cash for trips 3-4 times per year, employ people full time and create a CHANGED life for thousands of people is an HONOR… not a burden. 

What does become a burden is the performance that so many live in day to day. Trying to 'measure up' or working in a career that really isn't aligned with who they are and what they're great at can be downright exhausting, even if only worked 10 hours per week!

So, what can YOU do now to start designing your dream life?

The first step is to change the way you think. Make a decision that you won't keep repeating the same habits again, year after year. This is required in any life change. Same holds true in business. 

Set up systems and plans so that when you take a vacation, you can connect from wherever you are so that your business doesn't need to be rescued when you get back. Put plans into place when you are working regular hours and shift to find things that slip through the cracks and then constantly work to reinforce what you're doing. No one is perfect, that is a delusion, but you can build a great business with a team behind you that will give you the opportunity to live very differently, if you simply make a decision now to do so.

DECISION is the time when it all starts. Making a decision to do things differently and then jump off that dock!

It's gonna be scary at first, but we live in a time period when the internet is creating more wealth than any other platform in the world. How can you take a long vacation, run a business, make more money and never feel like you have to totally disconnect to finally get some rest? Build a business from the get-go that isn't a burden and is something you LOVE to wake up to!

It's pretty amazing the kind of community you can build online! Your CUSTOMERS will be cheering on your vacation along with you!

My friends, it's time to create A Real Change in our lives and then….. go infect the world with this new mindset and way of life as well!

We believe in your dreams and you mean the world to us! We pray for you every single day. Thank you for being our faithful clients and giving us the opportunity to serve you daily,

With love,
Sandi Krakowski