Are you trying to replace your income and build your own business? I have NOTHING to sell but something very valuable to share with you!

I've worked with THOUSANDS of people who have left their work place and run their own business. Here are a few things you'll want to keep in mind:

 #1- Pace Yourself. You only have so many hours in the day. You can't replace your income if you're dead. So don't kill yourself trying to get there. PACE yourself.

 #2– Be on guard with your thoughts. You have NO FLEX ROOM at all to think defeated thoughts, to go off on tangents and to sink into a pit. GUARD those thoughts. Remind yourself daily when tempted, "Oh I have no time for this kind of horrible thought, I'm building my dream. Be gone." 

#3- Realize that there will come a time when it will demand you push through so keep yourself physically fit, emotionally fit and eat right. 

#4- Have a good group of people around you. THIS page and our INNER CIRCLE is a great safe place for you!

#5- Realize that there will come a day and you will look back and this will ALL BE WORTH IT. 

It won't happen overnight but if you endure and you don't give in and you discipline yourself and your thoughts, you WILL make it to the finish and be so proud of the life you've created. #BEMORE   

With love, 

Sandi Krakowski