When Jesus Came Into My Heart And Other Lies Christians Believe That Are Ruining Their Career

Your value system is showing up at work.

What you hold dear, credible, valued and important is being manifest through your life.  

Let me ask you a very critical question: If you receive Jesus as your Savior, does that mean that YOU immediately change and your behavior now becomes like His? Sadly, more than 50% of Christians in today's generation would say, "Yes, it does." They have bought into a demonic lie that once Jesus comes into your heart and life, you are never going to be your old self again.

This is a half truth and let me remind you, a half truth is also a half lie. Rat poisoning is 95% arsenic and 5% syrup. Just enough good to lure you and enough poison to kill. So if we believe something that is only a half truth, we are in big trouble.

When you receive Christ as your Savior, you become a new creation, the Bible says. Old things have passed away and the new has come. You are brand new. Your spirit has been made alive, transferred from it's dead state to now new life. Your sins are gone, your past, present and future sins are covered. Your now sealed with the promise of God over your life. The Holy Spirit indwells you and you are new.

But your will did not change. 

God is not a Grand Puppet Master as some heretical doctrine has suggested. He does not take over your puppet strings and begins to 'dance you around' the stage of your life, making sure you take the right steps and do the right moves. No, what He does is this: He deposits within you the Kingdom of Heaven. He comes to live within you and you become a new creation. You pass from death to life. You go from darkness to light. You are regenerated and justified and vindicated from the wrath of God forever. HOWEVER……what you do with this is totally 100% up to you, my friend.

Imagine if I am your rich uncle and I put $100 million dollars into your bank account, but because you like to live a cash only lifestyle, you never check your bank. You won't even use a debit card. You live on cash only. You take out money and you deposit money into your account, but when the teller hands you a receipt for your banking, you never ever pay attention to the $ 100,000,000 that is always on top of everything you do. You ignore it. You act like it's not there. You struggle, worry, walk in fear and you live like your penniless, without hope and barely getting by.

I am NOT suggesting, as some have led many to believe, that God is some big Sugar Daddy up in heaven depositing $100,000,000 into some banks of the kids He loves and leaving others to struggle. That's another lie from hell. But I am saying this: If you have received God's free gift of salvation and you have made Jesus your Savior, it's time to make Him your LORD, especially in the workplace.

Everyday Christians go to work and sadly, their value system does not represent the treasure they carry. They're beliefs are being broadcast for the world to see day in and day out and the value system they uphold does not align with the God they say they love.

What does this look like?

It's evident in the worker who only does what they are told, what is asked of them. They cover their butt more than they cover anything else. Always making sure they don't do anything to get into trouble, their value system is this:  I must protect myself because no one else will do it for me. So they only do what is asked of them. They don't use common sense, courtesy or love. The values of the kingdom of heaven don't show up. They answer managers with lines like, "This is what you asked of me" and a blank stare, like common sense and love left the building. It's a 'I do what I am told' value system and nothing more. Scary business. 

Here's a wild card I'll throw out there. I meet people every single day who do not have the value system of a Christian, they don't believe the Bible is true, they don't know Jesus personally as Savior and their value system at work represents EXCELLENCE. They operate to work in a team, not for self. They don't seek to cover their butt and reassess their role constantly, they seek to bring VALUE to the workplace because that is what they've been hired for. Their value system is kindness, love and going the extra mile. How can this be? That's a good question if you feel the King of Kings came in to dwell inside of you.

If you have received Christ as your Savior, why is your value system not showing up at work? Why is someone who doesn't believe like you living a more excellent life in the workplace and you are still whining about your job, your boss, what is required of you, how people are doing this, that and the other thing and it's not fair? Is the God of Heaven living inside of you or not?

This reveals value system more than anything. Anyone can hold dear good work, excellence, truth and wisdom. Anyone can be a servant and be a good one at that. ANYONE, with any belief system, can do a good job, live excellently and bring value to a company. 

Our value system is what we hold as dear, what is critical to us. It's not a spiritual issue until we merge into who we are. It's a matter of our will. OUR WILL: The seat of our emotions, our will and our value system that lies deep inside the soul is where all this is coming from. Anyone, with any religious belief, can have a value system. They have a will, a soul and a decision maker. An atheist has a value system. EVERYONE has a value system and it is what they hold as truth, dear and valued. It shows up in their work every single day.

When I see someone who has to 'identify their role' in a company every time you change the tape on their dispenser, the paper on the printer or the wheels on their office chair, this shows me that their VALUE system is to cover their butt and always know what is expected of them. It's more important to them to ONLY do what is expected and what is required than it is to ADD VALUE to the team. This person will be nervous with every change, they will bemoan any alterations in the system and their value system will be threatened any time things are a moved or taken to a new place. Sure, it reveals their beliefs and spiritual state, but more importantly, it reveals their SOUL and their value system. 

Our value system shows up in how we do our work, if we'll go the extra mile to add value to the company we work for, remembering that GOD pays our paycheck, not some CEO. Our value system is revealed by what we post on Facebook, Twitter and our blog and where we are spending every single hour of every single day. 

Our value system motivates us.

It causes us to make decisions, to choose to push our lazy self when we feel apathetic, to slay procrastination, delay and other weak positions that hold us back. Our value system will reveal if we value being a victim and powerless or if we value being excellent and being a blessing to others.

When Jesus came into my heart, the entire Kingdom of heaven was deposited into me. But it wasn't until we make Jesus Lord that it is activated. It wasn't until I laid down my own value system, that His became mine. It's not until I align with Him daily, that I'll see heaven on earth take place.

This is where the SUPERNATURAL SHOWS UP…. which is more than a value system.

There will be mistakes. I am not sinless, I will falter and I will fail. But if my value system says that GREATER and more POWERFUL is He who is within me than he who is in the world, I will never be a loser. I will take responsibility. I will apologize. I will seek to be my best and walk in grace, for myself and others. 

I will never be left alone. No matter what trials come, no matter what injustice I see in the workplace, no matter what my coworkers say, believe or my boss for that matter, I can be a CONQUEROR through Him who loved me. My value system shows this. My soul lives this. My actions reveal this. 

My value system, if we make Jesus as Lord, will cause me to love an immoral boss, will cause me to wash the feet of a struggling addict, it will cause me to bring food to the hungry and clothe the homeless. My value system will cause me to stop playing around on Facebook with my friends during company hours. It will cause me to add value to my boss because GOD Himself has placed me on assignment to do so.

Our value system is showing up at work. It's revealing what we believe.

I've had multiple times in my life and even in recent months that I had to ask God, "Please reveal to me my value system."  He did. Some things were off.  Told God I recommit to the value system of heaven. Made myself a better worker. Stepping into the realm of GREATER that He has designed. Doors flung open. Life took a shift abrupt change.

It's a daily war, my friends. It's a daily battle. It's a daily HIS LIFE FOR MINE. We cannot do this alone. We can't do this on our own.

When Jesus came into my heart, He put me into a family and He changed everything. The Christian life is learning to walk these things out daily, hourly and step by step.

What does your value system reveal about you?

With love,

Sandi Krakowski