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"How To Identify Your Ideal Client And The Niche Will Work For You!"



Dear Beginning Business Owner,

As I grew my very first business online in the 90's, it had never dawned on me that my ability to find my "ideal client" and the perfect niche for me was a strong point in my skill set as a business owner. Growing a kitchenware business and then several online eCommerce businesses past the 7-figure profit zone seemed easy enough. Ironically, I was always baffled why others couldn't do the same as easily as we did.

When people began to hire me to write sales copy and create email letters and direct response sales letters, my bafflement grew to awareness. Right before my eyes was one of the key factors, if not the most CRITICAL key factor to why so many people were struggling and many, sadly, were failing miserably!

Nearly as serious as marrying the wrong spouse or choosing the wrong style for clothing, if you seek to build a business with a client who is less than 'ideal' for you and your particular abilities, you'll soon come face to face with a growing problem surging it's way through the online internet space. I call it… 

"Why Is Every Else Successful But I Am Not" Syndrome

Have you had those feelings? It seems like everyone else is soaring and succeeding and there you are, struggling away, hour after hour, with family members telling you to just go get a job and less than favorable comments coming from within your own head considering the exact same thing.

My friends, it isn't you. It's the business you're in.

Now don't get me wrong, you could be in the right niche or business, but maybe you're just clueless when it comes to identifying who your ideal client is!

Or maybe you KNOW who your ideal client is and being able to market to them is what is pulling your hair out and causing you to consider therapy!

Let me help you with this.