As the CEO of your own company you are going to have to do HARD THINGS. Get over it. If you can’t, you won’t last. Here are some hard things to consider as you grow your brand, yourself personally and your vision:

1) Make hard decisions that oftentimes people don’t like and might even get their feelings hurt so that we can do what GOD has equipped us for
2) STOP giving away our power because we crave everyone’s approval, advice and input
3) Be willing to be taught how to go farther and quit acting like we know everything when we know we don’t! (THIS is a biggy for me as I step into my own television show and working with a huge publisher. I’m grateful for my team, agent and Fathers and Mothers in the faith around me!)
4) Be willing to REINVENT ourselves, our business model and anything else if things aren’t working.
5) Quit being so emotionally attached to everything in your business!
6) Add an additional 10% to your marketing budget THIS MONTH for more growth!
7) Put off some personal goals for business goals, but make sure, we are taking care of YOU.

Stop using things you do for others, your kids, your family, your staff as an excuse for pathetic self care. YOU ARE the #1 asset in your business. Treat yourself as such. Treat yourself with gifts, surprises, a day in bed once a month even when you’re not sick and some quiet time so you can just BE and not do. 

Here are some ADDITIONAL hard things we should do….. if we haven’t already!

1) Take a vacation day at work to attend masterminds and conferences that could change your life
2) Get less sleep so you can get those blog posts done
3) Stop attending every church, family and other function that people suggest you go to so that you can create a business that changes your families history
4) Create a NEW Facebook profile with better friends who will inspire you and not weigh you down
5) Stop buying pre-made coffee at expensive coffee shops so that you can pay for advertising for your business
6) Ignore the opinions of people who have never built a business
7) Put off some personal goals for a few years so that your business goals can be achieved.

We get what we put in. We’re not victims. Some of us (especially ME!) have to jump through more hoops, work harder and push more than others to accomplish what we want. But in the end, we get what we put into it!

With love,

Sandi Krakowski