At a very young age the pain started……

Loneliness, fearful….. always afraid of getting in trouble.

The trauma went on for years… and so did the pain. Eventually I was a shattered young woman. Gang raped, horrifically abused, never good enough…..

But God.

You see the reason I am so open about my faith is because I know that I am 100% forgiven and loved. I qualify for every judgement there is in the Bible, but because of HIS great love for me, I am free.  

That makes me love everyone. It makes me accept those who differ from me, want to love and care for those who have nothing. It makes me want to come alongside those who have everything and serve them, too.

Today, I'm sending you my love, in the purest of ways.

YOU mean the world to me! It is because of you, that we do what we do.

Happy Easter my friends!! I'm sending you blessings, from our home to yours.


Sandi Krakowski