Did Your Facebook Ads Account Get Banned Or Shut Down? PLEASE READ….. 

Facebook is the largest community based platform in the social media world today. Last Monday, it was announced that 1 out of 7 people on the EARTH connect with their family and friends on the platform. It’s a marketers dream to be able to get their message and products in front of this many people. But with this dream, comes responsibility.  

Facebook is a marketing firm. When you do advertisements on their platform, it’s imperative that you play by their TOS: Terms Of Service and obey their rules. If you don’t, you’ll get banned. It would be irresponsible to work with a magazine publisher, a television network, a billboard company or any other marketing firm and not know the TOS of the company you are working with. So be sure you’re taking time to read these. We emphasize this in all of our classes. Sadly, some people are going too fast, or are just too smart for their britches, and don’t bother to read. BAN. That’s what happens.

If you own a small business, a home based business or are just getting started in building your brand, our Facebook Ads 2.0 class is the #1 class sold in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia teaching how to spend $10 per day to grow a highly targeted Facebook business page for your brand (or ministry) using simple direct response marketing and copywriting strategies. However….  just because it’s EASY to set up and get started, doesn’t mean you, the business owner, shouldn’t do your due diligence.

I’ve been online marketing multiple successful companies since the early 1990’s. I had one of the first accounts with Google and Overture, the forerunners in Pay Per Click – PPC ads. So the methods that we teach do NOT violate Facebook’s TOS. However, if you’ve been taking a lot of other classes from internet marketers, network marketing trainers, social media influencers and the like who do not have a direct response marketing background, you could get yourself into a heap of trouble.

Most internet marketers (I call them internet marketing pimps) are interested in ONLY one thing: Getting the opt in or the sale. As a matter of fact, I have sat in on countless trainings where the leader teaches how to use words that provoke fear of loss, lack and compulsive actions so that this can happen quickly. I reject, as you can see from my trainings for the last 7 years, this philosophy. I have built a multi-million dollar world class business doing so. So it is possible to obey the rules, be honorable and really care about people WHILE you’re doing marketing.

If you have been banned, blocked or had your ad account on the Facebook platform permanently closed, let me make this fair warning. DO NOT go set up a new one. DO NOT go create a fake identity and think you’ll get away with it. This is fraudulent and is not a good premise or foundation for a successful business. You could be permanently banned from the platform.

Here are the TOS for Facebook Ads. It is available in the ad manager and is something you should be paying attention to, just like we discuss on all of our classes:

Here are the COMMON reasons that people get their accounts banned, blocked or shut down.

#1- Small business owners with an opportunity making their PITCH: According to Facebook TOS you cannot pitch your business opportunity, your prospecting, closing, sales increasing class, etc.

The way to successfully and honorably market your business on this platform is completely dependent on good ole fashioned business principles: CULTURE. Create a culture of people you encourage, inspire and motivate and then 10-15% of the time, post a link on your page to your sales page for these offerings.  DO NOT do ads to these pages. Build the page with Like Page ads and offer them on the page. 

#2- Weight loss products, health and nutrition items: DO NOT do ads that sell these items. Reference point #1. Build a culture, create Like Page ads that are built around motivation, inspiration, encouragement, mindset and other things that are components of healthy weight loss and transformation. Then 10-15% of the time on the page, create posts to these sales pages. NO before and after images. NO ads for products. Do the selling on your BLOG. Build a huge culture on your Facebook page. (BTW this is how we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people in the direct sales and network marketing industry. I’ll also be releasing a class next week to show you my exact steps that I teach for this industry, in case you’re interested).

#3- Memberships, Continuity programs, Auto-shipment items: These are forbidden on the Facebook Ad platform. You can reference Items #1 and #2 to build your page and then offer these items through your blog. Don’t do ads for your monthly coaching programs, your Inner Circles, your membership programs or your forced-continuity courses.

#4- REFERENCE Features Not Benefits In An Ad: What does the customer want? Offer your Opt In to your email list. DO YOUR SELLING on the page, not the ad manager. If you do have a marketing product or service to sell, do NOT say it increases sales, it causes you to make 6-figures, closes more business. Reference the FEATURES of the class, not the BENEFITS. This is a biggy. Think this through: WHAT does the customer want and how do YOU help? This is very unique for Facebook and breaks a lot of the traditional copywriting and direct response rules.

#5- Don’t do ads that have NOTHING to do with your page or business. Don’t do an ad that is an attempt to ‘get more likes’ , lure people in and then lead them on another path. Traditional pimp-style marketing DOES NOT work on Facebook. (it should be outlawed everywhere, really)

#6- Don’t use shocking graphics. Don’t say something is for EVERYONE.  While the statistics may be high, you might think it’s for everyone, but the TRUTH IS: it’s not for everyone. So don’t do that. It’s slimey, it’s hypey and it’s not gonna work on a Facebook Ad or page.

#7- Don’t use religious lingo or things about Jesus and God in your ads. Do whatever you want on your blog or even your page (within reason) but stop pitching your religion in an ad. Build CULTURE. Look at #1 and #2. I am an ordained and commissioned Apostle in business. I talk a lot about God on my page. But I don’t do that at all in my ads. BTW. My business is not about God or Jesus. I’m a direct response marketer and copywriter who happens to operate in the prophetic and is a Christian. Big difference. 

I hope these tips have been helpful to you!  If you have been banned, write an HONORABLE email that takes FULL responsibility for your errors and violations. Then pray for grace. Pray for favor. Best bet is- take my Facebook Ads 2.0 class and listen to what I teach. If you took the class and got banned, I love you enough to say, you did not do what I taught. Go back to square one. 🙂 

With love,

Sandi Krakowski