My Emergency Hospital Visit Two Weeks Ago And What Your Decisions Today Mean For Your Future

By: Sandi Krakowski

From my heart to yours.
Many of you have no idea that while you were working your business, going through your own struggles and moving through some of your own opposition, I was fighting my own personal war just two weeks ago. Actually….. I've been fighting it for months.
This is pretty transparent. I'm gonna be very honest with you.  So if I can please? I recommend you stop what you are doing right now, entirely, for just a few moments. Get in a quiet place and read.. very slowly what I have to say.
I wasn't going to say anything about it just yet…. but God woke me up in the middle of the night and He began to deal with me about it again this morning.

Because of you, I'm going to be purposefully vulnerable.

Let's have a little heart to heart talk, shall we? It's on my heart today to share something very intimate with you. I'll be 100% honest and transparent because it is my intention and desire that this will stir some of you in a very deep place to reexamine what you are doing with your life.

As a leader and someone that hundreds of thousands of people look to for advice, information and encouragement, I've learned a long time ago to not take it lightly when something big happens. So while I might have to go through some very painful circumstances my goal is learn not only for myself, but for those I lead. Taking good notes along the way is key.

This past year has been incredible!

We've grow to be the fastest and one of the most powerful voices in the direct response world. It's been an incredible honor and I'd be lying if I didn't say it's been an incredible amount of hard work. Now don't get me wrong, I still work my strict 30 hour per week schedule and yes, I'm still outsourcing hundreds of hours, but the fact of the matter is, you don't get to where we are without a lot of hard work. Sometimes painful work.

Work on a website.

Team building.


Systems. Product development. Live events. Coaching.

Personal work.

Quite frankly, get over your own stuff kind of work… and then I was thrown a curve ball earlier this Spring.

It started out slowly and progressively got worse. Symptoms of something from my past began to show up. UGH.

I'm going to share with you something very intimate because some of you might be healed physically by this story….. others of you will seek to solve, criticize and judge what I share. That's ok. The only reason anyone would judge me or criticize me is because they can't look in their own mirror and heal… so they must project their own problems onto someone else. If you do that? I forgive you.

Well earlier this Spring I began to have some symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis again and what appeared to possibly even be Chrohns disease. It was scary to say the least. These two issues had been in remission for almost 7 years… and it was quite disheartening. Doing what I knew to do…. with diet, natural remedies, prayer and other things, I was able to hold the symptoms pretty well. Some days were fine, other days, no so much.

Then in August it started getting REALLY bad… on and off still… but oh dear… it was bad. I began to do some research of what was working. Networking with people who have overcome, as I did, this disease, naturally. You see, the only way to treat this disgusting disease according to medical journals is to give you drugs that hold your symptoms, they don't heal. But people like Jordan Rubin and Dr. Brasco and many others like the inventor of the SCD diet know that isn't true. You can, with alot of hard work, heal the gut. But most won't do the work. Period. Sound familiar? Keep reading..

AND…… here's the vulnerable part coming…. so get ready…. these are Autoimmune Diseases. That means in the Greek, they are self-attacking disorders.

The reason you can't typically heal from an Autoimmune Disease, self attacking disorder, is because it's your own body making war on you. Meditate on that.

Many of you know my past, the severe trauma I've experienced as a kid, a young woman and even into my years as a mother. Gang rape, abuse in a very cult-like church, pain in the home as a little girl, sexual abuse as a little one and more. You also have heard my story of how God gave me complete healing in my heart and in my spirit from so much of this trauma. He has re-written my life and given me a new spirit that I now share with hundreds of thousands of people everyday, through the direct response marketing world.

But I have to be very honest with you here.  To grow a company like we did in the past year….. hire 12 staff, bring my husband on as a business partner… required I go to a place deeper than I've ever been before with some of these issues. And well, it was my first belief, that this is what caused the retrigger of the UC and Chrohns symptoms. I began to rationalize that maybe, because of all this growth, working with so many people, standing so wide open in both heart and spirit before the marketplace, my poor little body couldn't handle it.

What a freaking lie from the Resistance. Keep reading….

So I worked through my symptoms and eventually, some really horrific pain. Pain that gave me chills and made it hard to sleep some nights….. I began to heal my heart with God again. My workouts continued, as they still are, but on and off the darned diarrhea and pain got worse and worse.

Then they'd be gone a few days. Then back…. sheesh.. 20x per day!

And they'd disappear… and be back.

ALL while coaching some of you… while raising my kids, working out, traveling, speaking. I hope some of you just got over your OWN self-limiting stuff when you read that. Seriously… some of you can't write a darn article and I was fighting for my future and yours working as hard as I could to get myself well so I could be God's agent in the marketplace… and you had no idea, did you? I pray you get over your stuff now.. as you read this.

I woke up ready to go to a business event that was scheduled, super excited! I was going to see my mentor Bill Glazer, some friends from all over the world, including Israel, the UK, England and more! It was a trip I couldn't wait to take!

And….. that morning… two weeks ago…. I began to pass blood.

To tell you I freaked out is an understatement. My body began to shake with fear….. every thought of "oh no I'm losing everything we built…. I'm sick again…. am I gonna die?….. is this gonna last?… what will I tell my kids???" began to race and I mean RACE through my head and my heart.

Check that out. All the things I've been thrown. Being healed of many diseases, some even life threatening in my past…. and my brain goes THERE?!

Resistance you are a filthy vile sick and disgusting liar.

I called a local GI about an hour away after spending an hour online checking reviews of certain specialists. Of course, I knew what they would tell me, that they are too busy and couldn't get me in immediately…. but I prayed. The nurse said that they were backed up until November… and then she paused.

"Oh my gosh," she gasped, "Well you're in luck! We have an electronic calendar system and someone just now canceled. Can you be here at 3:30?"

I said yes, I could, see you then.

My husband drove me. As we approached the hospital I had so many fears rising up….. and I had your faces in my heart as well. Your stories, the things you've overcome this year…. the things you're facing with me. You guys really do mean so much to me.

Taking a deep breath I told myself that no matter what happened, I would love others through it, be God's agent and I would praise MY KING no matter what.

Well, after I saw the doctor, he concluded I had massive inflammation and wanted an emergency colonoscopy, we had an appointment for one in less than 48 hours. Great….. time to clean out. I'll spare you the details.

I'd been doing this on and off for months, so let's just say that by the time Alan drove me back in for my appointment, I was wasting. Exhausted, drained, and very very weak. But I had a renewed trust growing in me as well.

God and I had some heart to heart talks… He reminded me of His unfailing love and that I could trust Him. He took me back to when the doctors told me they didn't know if I was going to get worse or if I was going to make it years ago… and He reminded me of my new life, my new heart, my new understanding that He's not mad at me, punishing me, and this is not a curse…. it's something that will make me stronger.

A very close friend had gotten a word for me two days prior, and God began to remind me of it. She said, "The last frontier."

In the hospital waiting area I Googled the word frontier… and discovered it means a breaking of territory and boundaries. It was used to described when the settlers and first citizens of our nation moved into land and all things changed. History changed when boundaries and territories were moved. Lives were changed, economies, lineages, everything changed. 

Even in my weakness and fear….

HA! I chuckled. Alan heard me, and asked, "Are you ok baby?" I looked at him and said, "Oh yea, I'm so good… and God has this. My goodness, does He ever."

The procedure was done… I was in recovery… and the anesthesiologist said I was doing good. She also said that I went out fast…. must have some really great blood. No drugs…. it was easy to work with. I remembered the many years past that I was on so many medications that this was not the case….. but then again, I have a new body now and hadn't been on massive medications in a long long time. I chuckled again. Then she said, "You were right.. when you told us you're very happy and start telling everyone you love them when you go out, you did. You told me thank you for taking such good care of me and I love you and so does God when you went to sleep. You are one of the happiest patients I've ever had. Thanks. " I smiled and said, "Well the alternative is way overrated, trust me, I lived there years ago… now I choose joy. Thanks for doing such a good job with me."

The nurse reassured me that the doctor didn't find anything of great concern, such as cancer but he did do several biopsies because he wanted to be sure what was going on under the surface. I felt relieved. Because if he did find something he'd be over me, telling me, right now. I've had that happen before. He was long gone… onto the next patient. That meant good things.

No one knew what was going during this time, but my staff and a few close friends, and of course, my mentor. He was emailing me and encouraging me… and made me promise to take good care of myself.

I continued to post on social media …. LIVE… and PJ wrote an article for me. Nothing interrupted. My staff was flawless, they handled it all as I recovered for a four days…. and I had amazing people who are specialists in the treatment of UC and Chrohns contacting me!

More than $ 1500 of high level supplements over nighted to me!

Cod liver oil, raw coconut oil, great organic meats, the things I needed to make the healing broth that helps so much with these sort of things… and I jumped in, FULL FORCE with a very very strict diet…. and soaking in the presence of my God several hours per day…. receiving healing from the place that I needed it.. heaven.

Friday I called the doctors office, and asked them to fax me my labs. Let me say this… they did 9 pages of blood tests, 3 pages of samples from my you know what…. and the biopsies. No one had called me yet… I knew God was up to something already.

As well, in less than 7 days my symptoms had nearly stopped! By 13 days I was doing things the 'normal' way and all diarrhea and pain had stopped! (I'll share in another article the exact steps I took, what specialists I spoke to, what books I read, who helped me through this… that's coming in the next few weeks… )… but let me say this. I had put myself into remission with God's wisdom and help before.. and I did it again! SERIOUSLY!

Please note.. I am not a doctor, if you have UC or Chrohns I do NOT recommend you just take vitamins, change your diet and leave your doctor. My doctor is FULLY SUPPORTIVE and aware of what I am doing…. and I have a team of people helping me keep on track. But what I would discover in my blood tests is truly the reason of this article.

As I read through the reports I read the following, let me interpret for you-

"Biopsy clean, no ulceration, no Chrohns disease, no Celiac, minimal Ulcerative Colitis on the surface, could be caused by high level bacteria. Bleeding must have been from bacteria."

My blood tests confirmed it as well. Most likely in my travels, eating, whatever…. I had picked up a bacteria that went straight to my gut. This is why I also was doing so well. This is why the bleeding stopped immediately with the super-high levels of natural anti-inflammatories, oils, digestive enzymes, probiotics, prebiotics and other things I was doing! Raw goats milk yogurt, great minerals, super rich raw fats which the body loves! It was all working… and killing this bug, and healing me.

But friends….. look where I went to get here.

I faced it again. The thing that terrified me before. The things that almost took me out a long time ago. The pain of my past…. the power of my future.. and the reality that God gave me to serve all of you.

The diet will be very very strict for several months. I'll freeze and pack some meals on a trip I have to take next weekend for 2 days. My last business trip of the year. Doctor said it's fine.  I'll freeze somethings and fly them into Texas before we leave and again on our trip to Maui. It will take some diligence, forethought and some self-control. But it's better than all the other horrible things I've been through in my past with months of injections, IVs and things that make you super sick.

Here's something fun… I feel STRONGER than I've felt all year! This diet is doing me good! My workouts are strong.. my muscles are getting ripped… and I am sleeping like a baby! My energy is higher than ever… my focus clearer…. seriously…. it's pretty awesome. GOD was preparing me to make me stronger. HA! He knows I would never have dragged myself to some stupid hospital for this test unless I had blood. So He allowed it. Thanks God for pushing me. I love you.

Doctors appointment is next week. They are excited to see me! God is a show off.. isn't He?

My friends, as a leader, I stand before you today and ask you this… WHAT are you doing with your life? Your gifts? Your talents.

Please don't be selfish and keep them all to yourself.

Please stop thinking that Resistance is chasing you because you are bad, small and don't deserve to succeed. OH MY GOSH… no. It's the complete opposite. The more valuable you are… the more you will be targeted by Resistance.

Equally, however… the more valuable you are… the more critical it is for you to have a strong supportive group of people around you.

My mentor, Bill Glazer, signs everything he sends to me now, "Don't forget your promise." What a blessing he is to me. 

I promised him I'd take care of myself, keep my health, my family and my future as my goal….. and do it for a very very long time.

When's the last time you made a promise that required you get out of yourself?

I love you. Each one of you. We've never met, but I love you. God has taken me through so much to get to you and for you to get to me. Let's go impact the world together.

With love,

Sandi Krakowski



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UPDATE  11/15/2011
I got word today that I'm fully in remission!!! 4 weeks of intense diet, supplements, spiritual healing & faith! Now….onto the next phase, total healing! My body knows how to manifest heaven on earth even with the most challenging situations! I'll continue on diet, new schedules, more vacations & BIGGER territories! Thanks for all your encouragement and prayers everyone!!!