You were created to be more!

You Were Designed And Created To BE MORE!

So many people live in darkness every single day struggling and hoping for things to break free. I'd like to suggest to you today that you were CREATED and designed by God to be more than you've ever imagined was possible.

This state of being is not for yourself, your own ego or even your own fulfillment. It's designed that others might know the true love and amazing grace of God on the earth.

When we make ourselves smaller to accomodate the opinions of men, we lessen this power that God gave all of humanity to be powerful!

Let me break this to you gently. It's time for God's people to stop being so terrified of the devil. If we got a revelation of who God Himself designed for us to be, we'd begin to realize that the truth of the story is this- the devil is terrified of us!

We are created to rule and reign here on the earth and to show forth the glory of God in all that we do! We are not victims and we are NOT powerless. It's time we stop making ourselves smaller thinking somehow He increases by our decreasing.

When John the Baptist made the statement, "He must increase, but I must decrease." in John 3:30 he was not suggesting that it was now time for him to disappear, become smaller, make himself nothing…. as so many Christians have taught. He was actually announcing that he was going to die and now Jesus was going to lead the way. The next verse sums it all up. "He who comes from heaven is above all." He was decreasing. He was going to die. The King Of The Universe was increasing. God was about to do something that would change the history of the world forever. He was ANNOUNCING this! 

Over and over again the kindgom of darkness has sought to make the sons of God smaller. And why, why would this be?

Because he KNOWS we were created to be POWERFUL and free!

You do direct spiritual warfare when you step into your destiny, my friends! You give a FIERCE BLOW to hell when you press through, press in and choose to BE all that God made you to be!

Mother Teresa has taught us so much by how she lived. She didn't defend her values. She taught her followers to ignore their critics. She stayed focused on her task. To this day her message of love for the lowly rings loudly and infuriates hell.

YOU were created to be more.

Stop settling for less. Ignore the voices of your past. Press through until you can't press through any more. Believe God.

Because the increase of He who is within you will change the world. I challenge you to expand, to allow HIM to shine brightly through you and to do anything you can, doing everything within your power to use your gifts, talents and abilities. We need you!

With love,

Sandi Krakowski