It's Time For Part Two & Bigger Profits Blogging Online!

WP II For The Business Owner…..

Dear Business Owner,

As many of you know, just 24 months ago we released our Best Selling class, WP For The Business Owner.

Since then, tens of thousands of business owners have not only set up their blog, but are now using a blog to create enormous profits. This course made it easy and something anyone could do!

Now… we're ready for Part TWO!

WP For The Business Owner II does not replace Part One, it takes off where we left off! Now it's time to generate massive amounts of leads, prospects and potential customers! It's time to write copy that is influential and leads your clients through the sales process.

The number one thing that prevents business owners from really being "found" online is the set up of their website. Search Engine Optimized copy, layout of website, positioning of correct keywords and tags make all the difference. In Part one we should you how to begin keyword research. In Part two we're taking your work to a whole new level!

Are YOU ready for part two of WordPress?


Learn first hand how to not only get onto the first page of Google and every major search engine quickly, but learn how to create a brand for yourself, inside of WordPress that is uniquely yours.

We are going to discuss topics such as:


  • List Building -Creating a big house list of hungry customers you can market to over and over again. The big strength of those who succeed online is in building their list.
  • Tracking– What tools to use so that you are able to track every ad, every post, every campaign. Reading this data will tell you how you're doing, what to repeat and what to avoid. Building your business online or offline has never been so easy!
  • PPC – Facebook ads, Google ads or any online Pay Per Click advertising made simple. Discover secrets of how to spy on competitors, find their ads and use the best keywords to compete at 1/2 the price.
  • Web Copy – Learn simple strategies for creating better headlines, leading your customers through a funnel and closing the sale through your webpage, blog post, sales letter and more. Internet Copywriting is a required skill if you are going to succeed online. I'll show you secrets I learned studying with the best in the world and make it easy for you!

logoblue stacked bg WordPress I Class For The Business Owner

It could quite possibly be the most universal publishing platform online that can be used by virtually anyone. WordPress is what Google loves and it's the secret behind massive traffic, conversion, list building and a website that's easy to manage.

Here's a little secret….. just because someone tells you they can help you set it up in under an hour, or ten minutes or whatever it is they say…… do you know how to MARKET and make a truck load of cash with WordPress?

Simple installing isn't enough.

You'll walk out of this event confident that your competitors have more to worry about than you do. The experts and authorities you've been spending so much time and money with will know you got training somewhere else when you, the student, become their competition.

Learn how to create everything in WordPress
to build a million dollar business plan!


Course Includes but is not limited to-

-Advanced SEO techniques & strategies
-First page of Google tactics
-Social Media Secrets for WordPress
-Simple newsletter publishing
-Opt In offer conversions
-Squeeze pages
-Lead Capture pages
-Massive Traffic secrets


and much more!




As an Inner Circle member you will ALSO receive a FREE membership in our #1 Rated WordPress Support team, our Forever WP Community. $39.95 value, FOR FREE for 30 days!

wordpress 300x300 Inner Circle With Sandi Krakowski, Coaching Program

When you build your business things are bound to come up. Every week we hear about some of the problems that people run into. Maybe you've experienced some of these challenges:

  • "I can't find the page I just created!"
  • "How do I install an Opt In Form"
  • "Can I actually create a landing page inside of WordPress?"
  • "How do I monetize my video?"
  • "Can I have private password protected content inside WordPress?"
  • "Are there ways to create articles ahead of time and have them go live later?"
  • "How do you install a paid plugin to your WordPress site?"
  • "I have a web designer who gave me this quote- is this worth it?"
  • "How do I change the colors on my themes?"
  • "How do you change the fonts and put picture into your posts?"
  • "Can we actually have our WordPress posts go to Facebook and Twitter automatically?"
  • "Is it possible to have a Membership Site inside of WordPress without knowing HTML?"
  • "How do I sell digital products inside of WordPress?"
  • "Can I use WordPress for my MLM Business?"
  • "Can I use WordPress to do my prospecting with my MLM business?"
  • "How do I use video that doesn't sound salesy but closes the sale quickly in WordPress?"
  • "How do I get more subscribers?"
  • "Can I build my list, run my company, sell my products and run an eCommerce store in WordPress?"
  • "What is the difference between the free and paid version of WordPress?"
  • "How do I get Google to find my WordPress site?"
  • "How do I hire writers for my articles that will sell for me?"
  • "Is it hard to write sales copy to sell my products?"
  • "What if I am building a first time business, can WordPress help?"

and the list goes on and on and on.

Quite frankly- there is NO OTHER WordPress course like it on the internet today.

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One EZ Payment Of $ 197.00 



   Includes 4 hour training to access anytime, anywhere over and over again (You can use on any computer, iPad, Smartphone & more!)
Also includes entire 4- Hour Transcript to not miss one word!
PLUS a free month in the Forever WP Community for ongoing support!



guaranteed Bigger Business Profits CD Set

Sandi's Special Satisfaction Guarantee- If you are not completely satisfied and don't walk away from this series ready to take action and run your business- simply ask for a refund and we'll gladly give you 100% of your money back, no questions asked!



Who is this event for:

  • Someone serious about starting a real online business and turning their passion into profits
  • Someone who is serious about taking their business to the next level
  • Someone who has plenty of content but does not know how to monetize it
  • Someone who wants a step-by-step blueprint that can be used with a product or service
  • Someone who knows that a business is work and is not looking for a get rich quick scheme
  • Someone who wants to run a customer focused business who makes their highest priority serving their clients

Who is this event NOT for:

  • Someone who thinks they know it all
  • Someone who thinks they should be given things for free
  • Someone who loves to learn, accumulate knowledge but has no intention of taking action
  • Someone who kicks around, searches and researches but has no desire to really run a business
  • Someone who hates their boss and is looking for a quick escape
  • Someone who hates hard work and really just wants easy street