We are HIRING here at A Real Change International, Inc and want to hear from you if you qualify.

We are located in a gorgeous loft-style 6400 sq foot office in the Mainmark building in downtown.


ROCKSTARS! The ones who work hard, give it their all, are always looking for ways and places they can help above and beyond their job description – THIS is what we're looking for!

What do you have? We wanna know! If you're a rockstar and think you could add VALUE to our team, understand our culture, are not a whiner, don't need hand holding and want to tell us about yourself- than do it!
Please NOTE:  We take all applicants through a RIGOROUS interview process, with a minimum of 4 interviews and a few in person with our executive team. There's a family culture here at ARC and are interested in hiring rockstars only! We're not politically correct, are an openly Christian organization, don't operate in boxes, are on a mission to change the world and bleed honor in everything we do (that means if we get cut, we get hurt, etc we bleed honor all over everyone)  Please don't apply if you have control issues, can't get along in teams, don't like change and locked into Web 1.0 and other outdated software. 
Please send to management at a real change dot com:
Resume with experience and examples
Portfolios any and all
Current social media connections
Most importantly, send about 800 words in your best written style with proper formatting and professionalism telling us why you are the best candidate for the job. We are located in the Kansas City, MO arts district and are not hiring any virtual staff. 
Send all resumes to:  management at a real change dot com for review. 
If you hear from us, you'll have a series of 3-4 interviews! If you don't hear from us, that means we've found our Rockstars. 🙂
Thanks so much!
Sandi Krakowski, CEO and Founder