Merry Christmas!

This is one of the most personal notes I've ever sent to our client base…. and I'm taking a BIG risk sending it.

But I have to be honest with you, God took a BIGGER risk putting His mark on me a long time ago.

A girl with a past that would have made the medical professional baffled for a long time, so much pain, so much abuse, so much to fill with pills… to numb it out, to silence the voices, to try to help me cope…. and I suffered along..

And then God did what no man or woman could do…..

He drew me…

He began to romance me….

He began to speak to me in a way that the darkest corridors of my heart even responded….

He became to me everything I lacked in human beings….

He became a tender lover, a faithful friend, a Papa who understood…..

Why am I telling you this?

Because many of you have asked me over and over again…

HOW did you get to where you are?

How did you ever get past the pain? 

How do you have so much energy, joy and happiness every single day?

How….. even when you are battling an illness are you still happy and concerned about us?

How do you forgive those who steal your content? How do you send kindness to those who send you hatred because of your stand on Jesus?

HOW Sandi? I mean seriously.. how do you do it?

Today….. my Christmas gift to you… I'm sharing… HOW…

The how is the biggest factor in my life behind the why…. 

The why wasn't enough to change me…. it wasn't enough to motivate me to serve over 200,000 clients…. it wasn't enough…. until I got my HOW..

And today… I'm sharing it with you.

Come stop by my Facebook Page through your day if you grow weary…. if the way people around you live is bothering you…. if the pain in your own heart is too much to bear on a day when everyone else is happy…

I've got some encouragement for you.

Today… I'm taking a big risk… because YOU are worth it and I mean it when I say I love you and care about your destiny!

WAKE UP my friends….. it's YOUR turn to shine… you were born for such a time as this.

YOU were created for more!

I'll see you there,

Sandi Krakowski