I feel a fire rising inside of me and I CANNOT BE SILENT! 

Can you IMAGINE the Olympics without a winning team? A law student at Harvard not receiving grades?! 

WHAT are we doing with our kids in school? 

I'll tell you what we're doing. We are raising up a bunch of apathetic children who can't grow up, believe they are entitled to everything, don't know what it's like to work and sweat and work again! Everyone is a victim and it's of course, no one's fault! YOU WANT HAPPINESS and joy and overcoming power? LIFE is not a playground! It's a battlefield! Between WHO you could be and WHO you are! 

We make it seem like competition is unhealthy when our heavenly Father created us with a desire to WIN! One big key to winning is to know how to LOSE WELL! If we don't ever let our kids experience losing, we don't equip them for wining! 

When you remove the winning team and the losing team and you just say, "Play the game you all win" even the heart of a child thinks, "WHAT?!" When we remove the athletic spirit, the fight to win, the drive to succeed and the power to overcome we enable apathy, obesity, poverty and more!!! THIS CANNOT continue. It can't. We need adults who will DO THE WORK and work on their own lives and empower young people and we need to RESTORE OUR FOUNDATIONS!  

"The Champions Creed" 

"I take full responsibility for my rising & for my falling.
I don't beat myself up nor do I beat up others.
When I make decisions I live with the results & don't play a victim.
With the power that is within me I seek above all things wisdom & discernment.
I fly high & sometimes I crash but the total race is the goal, not just one episode.
I know when to push & I know when to pull back.
I give it my all & I love others even when they don't.
I am a Champion!"  

Written by Sandi Krakowski. All rights reserved. 2014 

My strongest words are I did great & I'll do better next time. 
Step UP! BE more! BE the Champion our world needs today! 

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If you roll over and play dead so with the generation after you! 


With love, 

Sandi Krakowski  

Sandi Krakowski