I recently bought a gorgeous Mercedes Benz convertible. When I was celebrating on my Facebook page…. some people were inspired and excited.. others wanted to rip me to shreds. Unliked my page and had a fit!

 Let me trigger you and lead you on a path of righteousness. It absolutely cracks me up when people go off on a car or a purse or diamonds or something. This is not a defensive post, but as a leader, as a company owner, as a Pioneer, I’ll say something because I believe Holy Spirit will set some people absolutely FREE! I was raised and groomed with a poverty religious spirit, so I KNOW what it takes to get set FREE from that. It’s one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. So listen up…

If I live on my 90% and do whatever the heck I wanna do with it, GOD only requires 10%. He also says we should give offerings which is ABOVE the 10%. SOME OF US live on 10% and give 90% away… and it’s none of anyone’s business. JESUS WARNS about judging others. MAN OH MAN you’ll create a financial MESS for yourself every time you judge someone’s finances. TRUST ME. I did it. It is NASTY pulling yourself out of a pit because God’s gotta lead you on a very painful path because you judge people you don’t even know and you judge people who are NOT under your leadership.

Some of ya’ll are goofy. Please talk to Holy Spirit. Get some good biblical teaching, but the reality is what someone does with their 90% IS NONE of your business. What is your business is YOUR 10% that GOD requires and what you do with your 90%. LOVE YOU… I’ll tell you the truth whether you like it or not. JUDGE NOT lest YOU be condemned. I’m not condemned when ya’ll judge me… YOU ARE. That rich person isn’t condemned, you are for judging them. THE LOVE of money is the root of all evil. Money is ammoral and is not evil. It’s what people DO WITH IT and their own heart that is evil. The love of money… that tends to hang around broke people more than the wealthy. THE wealthy don’t typically serve God and love their money. They can’t. It’s impossible. You’ll love one or the other. Sure there are wicked rich people, but they are more obvious than not. The wicked unfaithful person that Jesus talks about in the parable of the talents has 1 talent, just ONE, and is whining about it. “it’s unfair, you are hard!” they whined. Jesus said some scary words to that person. Look it up yourself. HE BLESSED the person with 10 more. That’s amazing. He didn’t bless the stingy whiney person with 1 talent, he took theirs away and GAVE IT to the one with 10.

People judge the rich and then come into my classes asking me and begging me to teach them how to make more money and to pray for a blessing and then they rip to shreds someone else on Facebook living faithfully because they have issues.Sinful issues. It’s religion, not Jesus. RELIGION leads people to hell quoting Bible verses. It doesn’t set people free. It’s the most vile demonic spirit on the earth, a religious spirit looks holier than thou but is full of dead bones.

My corporation and my personal life have gone way beyond what God requires, but that’s none of your business and even if it didn’t, I could spend the money on my recent car, etc and NOT go outside my budget. HAHAHAH But that doesn’t matter. GOD DOES NOT require it. I’m an ordained apostle in business, not a ministry. I am the CEO of a S CORPORATION and if you whiners and negative judgemental people had half a sense in business, you’d realize if you don’t use write offs well, you’ll pay a huge tax bill. IF you earn $20 million dollars you had BETTER have some big write offs if you wanna sow into causes or the government will get it.

People get weird and start to tell you how to spend your money, what you should do and not do when you get successful. As if becoming successful means you lose your rights and now people can rip you to shreds and you’re accountable to them. WOW. It’s NO ONE’s BUSINESS….. I wanna make friends with some people in Hollywood because a lot of them stay out of church because of this religious crap. WHILE they have a heart to give. They pour hundreds of millions of dollars into causes but no one ever gets close to them with the message of Jesus, because people are judging their $200k car and $5k purse, which they bought on 1% of their income. THAT KIND OF WEALTH WISDOM is something a lot of judgmental broke people could use in their life but they won’t ever get that kind of teaching, because they’re ripping people to shreds and then crying to God about their financial issues.

While some of you are arguing and making a scene, GOD and I know I got my Mercedes for 1/2 of what it was brand new 3 years ago. I WISELY let someone else put 40,000 miles on it for me. It was $118k 3 years ago and I got it for $59,000. But even if I paid $118k for it, GOD doesn’t require me to give more than He said… 10%. And some offerings. AND THE ONLY reason I write all this out is because there are some people crying their eyes out right now in repentance like I did many years ago and they want a new start and they are willing to learn, to be taught and they are sorry for their judgements, just like I was. It’s actually sinful and wrong to give all of your money away. It’s not holy! You should take that money and create more jobs and get as many write offs as possible and wisely steward your finances. I used to think to be holy meant I had to give it all away. I praise GOD I was set free from that. YOUR BOSS makes a lot more money than you because they have wisdom and wealth and decided to SHARE their fortune and allow you to have a job. But the whiney person doesn’t ever see that. They judge their bosses $200k car, their $10k handbag and their big diamonds, and they have NO CLUE that person doesn’t even take 1% of their company earnings and they are enjoying the FRUIT of their labor, which happens to be something God said is good. And it’s none of our business how they do that.

Celebrating and getting a new car and talking about it is inspiration for others. It’s not boasting about wealth, it’s actually celebration…. like they did in the Bible. It’s a ridiculous part of my story… which started when I was a single Mom living on $5k a year. Jesus didn’t bring out the cheap wine later at the wedding, He brought out the MOST EXPENSIVE wine and people were freaked out. They judged Him too. Abraham and so many others in the Bible were super super wealthy… and GOD gave them rule over nations. Not the whiney person judging them.

God does not require more than 10% or offerings. NOPE. He does not. MAN DOES THAT. Here’s wisdom…..for the one seeking to be taught things that are NOT in colleges or high schools… But Because I ALREADY paid cash for a car three years ago, a goal I set thank you very much as I got completely out of debt 10 years ago.. and have a debt free company.(are you judgmental people debt free? Usually they are not, usually they’re up to their ears in debt. It takes a lot of self control to be debt free and once you get there, you won’t judge anyone.) SO I was able to trade that in and only spend $24k more for my new Mercedes. WOOT WOOT…. There are some teachers out there who teach that once you’re debt free you have to give all your money away and not have nice things. WEIRDNESS. Dave Ramsey​ was also super judged by people for how he uses his money but he has singlehandedly helped more families get out of debt than anyone else in the entire United States.

I’ll keep being blessed and walking humbly and honorably before my GOD and making sure i have a lot of write offs in my company so I can keep sowing wildly into things I LOVE and live DEBT FREE and spend my money however I wish. 🙂 I want wisdom to steward a BILLION dollars. I don’t have that kind of wisdom yet. But I am praying for God to give me more wisdom, to make me super wise and to let me have friendships with billionaires so I can learn and make a big impact and change nations.

With love,

Sandi Krakowski