Your Brain & Your Business – The missing link between ordinary and extraordinary

By: Sandi Krakowski

Your subconscious mind is trained and programmed by you…. and the choices you make.

You might not realize this, but when you take in information, your mind does not know the difference between truth and lie. It only knows what you tell it.

Everyday your brain takes in more than 50,000 thoughts in any given day. Are you paying attention to what you are thinking?

During the last 14 years I've been building businesses online and it never ceases to amaze me the things that people do, quite successfully I might add, to sabotage themselves from success. They believe things that are not true, follow assumptions that pop into their head as though they are fact and the end result they get keeps them in bondage, year after year.

If you have been exposed to traditional education, the media, the news and most cultural messages, it is a given that you have been 'programmed' to believe the following as true-

1. That the rich get wealthy because of a lucky break

2. That the 'small guy' is struggling because the 'big guy' stole from him what he rightfully deserves

3. That those who succeed in business must be doing something immoral, unethical and unlawful and it's your job to discredit them as quickly as possible

4. To always have a door to escape anything worthy of commitment such as a career, a business, a relationship, a marriage or anything. Have a way out. You'll need it

5. That the majority of money in our world is horded by the wealthy and the reason we have the poor is because they have been robbed

All of these messages are 'suggestions' and programmed ideals we have all been exposed to, if we have a pulse and we are not living in a closet 24 hours per day. Whether you like it or not, have had some success in business or not, you have, my friend, been programmed with these statements.

My question for you today is, "What are you doing about it?"

Recently I had someone suspect that the reason I mention certain products on my websites or my calls is because secretly I must be making money with the companies I spoke of. First of all, for the record, that is a bunch of bull shitake, as my friend Guy Kawasaki says. And it is also very confirming to me that I am on track. If there was no attack or judgment of what I do daily in the marketplace, that would make me very nervous.

But there's a bigger problem with this questioning that occurred. This person has an underlying belief that if you mention a product you MUST be selling it. Ironic, isnt' it?

I use products such as Young Living Oils, Garden Of Life products, The People's Chemist line of supplements, Tropical Traditions oils, Nutiva, Beach Body and more on a daily basis. That does not mean I am selling them. When I left the Direct sales industry I did away with all of my consultant positions so that I could teach people how to do what I do and have done, with integrity. Our company has grown to a multi-million dollar business with hundreds of thousands of clients who are seeing success, I might add, and it's not because I'm pushing some vitamin product on the side.

I've actually had a few people write us through the last year who thought the only reason I mention Gina Alexander Handbags or Glazer Kennedy products or Bill Glazer or Early To Rise or Rich Schefren or anyone else for that matter, Oh MY GOSH… it must be because she's getting paid to do so.

Do you see the sign of lack and poverty in that thought?

If the only time we mention products and talk about things that work is because we have an underlying motive to make money, we are pathetic.

If we do mention things that work and we charge money for the knowledge that we have, in consulting or mentoring, is that wrong? NOT on your life.  But if the only time we talk about things to people through the internet is because we want to make money, that is ridiculous.

Your brain is controlling more than 90% of your profits and your ability to make them.

If you create a WordPress Blog and all you worry about is what your neighbor is doing, jealousy and contempt my friend will keep you broke forever.

But if you put your head down, work your butt off, do a hard days work every single day, over and over again… and you get over your own stuff, and you get your eyes on what you are doing far more than you watch what others are doing, you will have a life that is SHOCKINGLY successful.

We have not been programmed to do that, now, have we?

No, sadly we haven't been.

But you are not like others, you are a Champion and you do not have time to stick your nose into everyday affairs… you must move forward and achieve the goals that God Himself has called you to achieve. You are going to have to get over not being popular, having people write you nasty emails, being judged and going through trials if you are ever going to get to where you were designed to go.

But God did not design you to struggle.

You were not designed to be jealous, envious and filled with contempt.

My biggest word of advice for you as you close out this year and work into the next is this- work on the way you think, immediately. But be forewarned…

If you ONLY work on the way that you think, your mindset, you'll turn into a hookie spookie esoteric coocoo bird like we see popping up all over the place. Don't JUST work on mindset.

You also can't just work on your marketing… because no matter how good you get at marketing, if you don't deal with your internal issues, your views of people, the messages that are in your head about business, money, wealth, sales and the like… you'll struggle big time.

You must work on your mindset AND your marketing. The two are married if you really want to succeed in business. You'll never find anyone succeeding in business who hasn't discovered this. But here's the breaking point….

As Dr Laura said in her books over and over again, "Personal change is difficult, bitching about somebody else is easy."

I used to be a bitch who had her eyes on all the failures, faults and challenges that others needed to fix. It was the most difficult time of my life.. that is one of the reasons I am SO PASSIONATE about helping people change their entire life, not just their business!

Here are some of my FAVORITE books on dealing with how you think in life and business:

#1- The Holy Bible- no matter what your faith is, if you do a topic word search on the words: Belief, thoughts, think, mind you'll find million dollar nuggets that will shock you!

#2- The New Psycho Cybernetics– amazing book by Maxwell Maltz, MD

#3- Thou Shall Prosper: 10 Commandment For Making Money by Rabbi Daniel Lapin

#4- The Gift In You by Dr Caroline Leaf

#5- Who Switched Off My Brain by Dr Caroline Leaf

#6- The War Of Art by Steven Pressfield

#7- How To Work With Just About Anyone by Lucy Gill

#8- Boundaries by Dr Henry Cloud and Dr John Towsend

#9- Thinking For A Change by John C Maxwell

#10- The Millionaire Mind by Thomas J Stanley, Ph D

#11- How To Win Friends And Influence People By Dale Carnegie

When you build a business it is imperative that you keep your eyes on your own work, your own business and what you are to be doing on a daily basis MORE than you do on the work of others. You need to be able to point out at least 10 things about yourself that you need to work on before you even take a minute to point out 1 thing that you think someone else should.

Your brain is directing your future…

Where is your focus on?

Whatever you focus on, you will get more of. Write that one down.

With love,

Sandi Krakowski