Black Friday Specials! 

ALL BLACK FRIDAY SPECIALS HAVE EXPIRED… however we did decide to keep active our BEST-SELLING Career Mapping 2014 Class! ENJOY! 🙂


Sandi's BEST SELLING Career Mapping Class! 


If you are a business owner, whether you have staff or not, this is critical to your success! Let me share with you how to get the following areas of your life in alignment with what is important to you and how to create the kind of LIFE you want!

  • Spiritual
  • Financial
  • Physical
  • Personal

If we were to sit down right now, do you know how to MAP OUT what you want to create next year in all of these areas of life?  In my personal schedule there is a 2 week vacation OFF coaching 100% every 90 days. That is built into my schedule!  With the physical and personal goals I've mapped out, there are charted days on and days OFF that will help me hit the target right where it needs to be!

Look at your future and LAUGH because you've got a PLAN!

And here's A BIG KEY… If you want to give away more this coming year, it's time to map that out. HOW does one get themselves to the point of giving away more than $1 million dollars?  By MAPPING OUT goals that include $100 per week initially!

Let's gather together, for 3 solid hours and let's create YOUR BEST YEAR YET! 

We will start out with a framework that will set you up for success.  Then we will reverse engineer how to bring all of the hidden aspects that you probably  keep forgetting together so that you are GUARANTEED to see the kind of results you want!  I'll be doing LIVE COACHING on this 3 hours special training, helping some of you map out specifically what you've been dreaming of! NOTE: This is a recording of last years training and can be used year after year! IT IS the plan Sandi is using right now with her team as she prepares for the launch of her new BOOK! 🙂 



NO Exchanges, No exceptions, No layaway! Don't delay!