A Big Reason To Do More Than You've Ever Done In Your Business And In Life

By: Sandi Krakowski

Today I'd like to introduce you to some people who inspire our entire team at A Real Change Int'l to "DO MORE" and go farther than we've ever done before.

Years ago as I was peeling my way out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, I started giving in a way that was foreign to me… beyond what I was able to 'afford' and could 'manage' as a family. This led me to learning a principle that I'll call "Generous Prosperity". The principle goes like this- you can measure your prosperity by the depth of your generosity.

Many of you don't realize that in 1988 I was a single mother, raising my now 23 year old son on $ 5,000 per year. This was a time of great defining for me because I worked really hard to not depend on others, to get regular employment and I also learned the profound principle of giving. When I only had $ 5.00 in my pocket, I always made sure that $ .50 went to someone in need.

Truth be told a lot of people who struggle and live in lack and poverty seem to think that 'when they finally have enough left over' is the time to begin giving. It was in those precious years of struggle that I learned personally and first hand that if you don't give when you are in lack and poverty you'll NEVER be released to a greater level of prosperity. 

People tell me all the time that they "wish they could give more now" when in reality just giving $ 10.00 per month could change the life of a boy in Nicaraugua or a baby in Africa. It's not the amount that we're giving that measures our prosperity it's the principle of ARE we giving and are we willing to go without to give more.

Before you think I'm preaching some ridiculous "Give me your money" sermon, I'm not. But as a business owner and one who has made millions in business for both my clients and myself, I am here to tell you that if you can't give $ 10.00 per month to change someone's life you need to trim down the life you are currently living.

Let me introduce you to Precious. She is a baby who was abandoned in a pot toilet to die.

Gratefully she was rescued and is now with her new Forever Family. For those who think it's a lot of money to rescue babies like Precious, think again. One child's life in Africa can be completely turned upside down for less than $ 50.00 per month. Their food could be provided for each month for less than that. I don't believe for one minute there's anyone who can afford an internet connection, computer or cell phone reading this article who couldn't make a difference.

Each month I send updates to my team with stories like this one, and it keeps us focused on our tasks, helps us to get rid of drama and move forward as our company is growing enormously!  Working as a company to give more and do more makes it all worth the hard work!

Here is another sweet one for you to meet by the name of Naomi. Another abandoned baby nurtured back to health and life. Imagine if Naomi didn't have anyone who would PUSH beyond their own limits so she could have life? Do you now see why it is so critical that we all get past our own "stuff" so we can benefit someone else?

When people tell me they are supposed to sing, write or create an information marketing product to impact the world, but then they share with me all their excuses for why they are held back- fear of success, what will my family think, my mindset isn't healthy, I was abused as a kid…. I think of these babies and want to scream, "GET OVER yourself and your stuff so you can be used in a mighty way to help others!"

The next time you don't think you can handle the hard-work it will take to go through personal training, coaching and development so you can impact the world- think of Miriam. She was abandoned where she was cold, hungry and just a few days old, covered in mud. Thank God she was found and brought back to life. She had a very rough start in her first few months of life. But someone DID MORE …. and she lived.

My friends, building a business is about more than just creating products to sell, making money and getting your company on the 1st page of Google. That surely is important. Don't get me wrong…. but I want to be someone who challenges you OUT of your comfort zone so you can SEE first hand why you have got to fight your own personal war first. Because truly, it's not about you.

It's about the babies, the women in the slave trade, the children who are abandoned every year and have no one to call their Mom and Dad. It's about more than your own eyes can ever see or your ears will ever personally hear. It's about more…. and it requires we PUSH. Most people don't push… they make a full time living of holding back. The minute they feel pushed their draw back. That is not the Warrior Like People our God designed us to be. 

As a company we are very blessed to partner with several organizations every single month to care for babies such as Precious, Naomi, and Miriam. We're also very blessed to partner with some organizations who are freeing slaves and raising people to be the leaders they are designed to be. One of my BIGGEST passions is in coming along side a couple who is in the midst of adoption and just needs some financial help to get their Forever Baby. I just love working with couples who need to increase their skillset so they can have a baby and not be taken under by the high cost of insurance coverage- working to pay cash so they can do whatever they want.  

Today, I have a very critical question for you-

WHAT is the reason that is BIGGER than you are, that you'll begin working harder and really moving forward for?

YOU can be personally responsible for making A Real Change in someone else's life if you first make the step to get beyond your own fears, doubts and limitations. Let's work together, shall we? To do just that. 

 Sandi Krakowski is a Mompreneur, Coach, Strategist & Mentor, Online Marketing Expert, Speaker, Writer, Copywriter. Mindset & Marketing For Small Biz Owners.  Her unique talent is as a "Back To Basics Step By Step Business" expert who currently serves more than 150,000 clients in over 136 countries. Her systems help the average business owner as well as big corporations get extra-ordinary results quickly. She has a track record for her 'bringing it into action' processes that company owners find easy to implement with quick results. She has been working online successfully for the last 14 years and built 11 successful companies ranging from eCommerce to Direct Sales to a Copywriting Firm, Marketing Business, Consulting, Coaching, Info Products and her current business A Real Change Int'l.