The ALL-NEW Inner Circle!


Today is the first day we start the ALL-NEW SOCIAL MEDIA Inner Circle Coaching Program!

PLEASE NOTE: While we will be talking about Facebook, InstaGram and Pinterest this month, the ENTIRE MONTH will be about social media in general.  So even if you don't use these channels, you don't want to miss what we're doing!

LATEST NEWS!!! A new feature in the Inner Circle is where I'll be sharing my latest research of the week and how you can apply it to your business instantly!! This will cover all channels including:  Facebook, Twitter, InstaGram, Pinterest and even some of the smaller channels

WHAT's BIG:  This is another new feature where I'll talk about what is BIG in the ad managers and marketing platforms on these channels.  WHY you should be advertising, what's big that week/ month and how to apply it to your business.

REGULAR WEEKLY ASSIGNMENTS:  Just like my BEST-SELLING 10 Day Social Media Challenge I'll be giving you WEEKLY assignments for your business, how to do each action step and what you want to get done THAT WEEK to take your business to a new level!

AD WRITING: I'll be showing you a 'secret' for your business and how to apply it.  Regular times of ad writing where I'll show you what is working for me that month in my business and in the businesses I write for!  I recently had a 984% INCREASE in engagement with one ad!

In December we'll focus on things for the holidays, how to use a 12 Days Of Christmas Plan, what to do, not to do and how to make this a great month for your business and your customers!

WELCOME ABOARD! Your first assignment will arrive by 5pm ET on Tuesday, December 3, 2013  🙂 

If you are not a current Inner Circle Coaching Member, let's get started NOW!


Sandi Krakowski