BIG THANKS to the #BEMORE Launch Team!

Back in November, when we began to plan the release of my now BEST SELLING Book, #BEMORE: 77 Secrets To Your Powerful Life I had a meeting with a small group of bloggers who had agreed to do blog posts, Twitter and Facebook posts and more. These people have had a significant impact on not only the release of the book, they were a big encouragement to me as we stepped out to do something we had never done before.

Our FIRST release of the book, given with preorder offers from my blog brought in thousands of orders! We are so so grateful. Then these bloggers listed below started blogging! The book tour took off! More than 11,000 people attended! WOW! We have since had a second printing of the book, Amazon has had a hard time keeping things in stock and the #BEMORE book has had global reach! To say it's been successful is an understatement! We've had requests for translation of the book into 3 languages! 

We've been asked to bring the #BEMORE message to Englang, the UK, Australian and South Africa! What an honor! Currently we're planning a West Coast "#BEMORE In Business" event that we'll open doors for registration to very soon!

Right now I'd like to publically thank the following people who were on the first launch team! Thank you so so much for all you've done to get this message into the world!

Susan Hutchinson


Mandy B. Anderson


Rebecca Halton


Amy Roth


Linda Travelute


Christian Karasiewicz


Tracie R.


Kim Houser Starry


Hallie Bulkin


Bianca Carter


Gerardo Campbell


Annette Trucke

Christine Abraham


Karen R Power

Webly Alfred 


Carrie Stetson


Sharryn Ludlow


Camelle Ilona Daley