BE MORE than you thought you'd ever be


Let me say this as gently & as lovingly as I can. But I must say it POWERFULLY! Ready? ….. Get OUT of your own way.

I have spent more than three quarters of my life getting in my own way.

The excuses I came up with. The trauma I’ve been through so this is why I couldn’t be all that God had intended for me to be.

The people who have held me back, lied about me, hurt me.

The list was going on and on and on.

I realized one day it was all a conspiracy. My lesser self was strategizing against my greater self and seeking to stop me. Some might call it my weakness. Others my sin nature. I don’t think it’s either of these. I think it’s the Champion inside of me who was terrified of who I might become if I stepped into my greatness.

One day I just decided to fight.

Fight for my destiny. Fight for my future. Throw open the closet doors of mediocrity and smallness I’d been hiding behind for so many years hoping no one was intimidated, threatened or confused by me. Throw the doors open and just SHINE.

Shining isn’t always easy. Some people hate it when you turn the lights on. They’ve been sleeping in the darkness for so long they’ll get violent when someone comes along and turns the lights on!

But in the journey of being more….. I’ve discovered hundreds of thousands of people who are grateful. They’ve been looking for the light switch for a long time.

So when I turned the lights on in my own life, I gave them a little light to find their way too.


sandi krakowski