The #BEMORE Book Tour Kicks Off January 9th!

My family and I just got back from 16 days of bliss in Hawaii and now we're working hard with our team here at ARC to get things ready for the BIG #BEMORE Book Tour! Check out these photos of my brand new tour bus!

I've never been on a bus tour before so I'm in that place of excited AND nervous at the same time, and I'm not sure what to expect! Sounds like a great #BEMORE moment for me personally. We will be living in a bus for the entire tour: January 9- 22nd. Each day we'll stop at hotels for refreshment and relaxation, but it's exciting to me to think about living on a luxury RV with my team this entire time! Another vacation!! 

I thought I'd give you some sneak peek photos into our brand new TOUR BUS! WOOHOO!



I'll be bringing with me my amazing husband Alan, my rockstar CEO Jerry, Jerry's son Matt (who happens to be our tour manager!), my sons Justin and Jeremy, and their girls and active team members here at ARC, Holly and Abigail! We are ALL super stoked about being able to meet you in person! 

We'll kick off the tour in Nashville, TN. I can't hardly wait to release to all of you the powerful word God has given me for 2015. It is my firm belief that this year will be a pivotal year for many of you. What an honor it is to be able to see thousands of you on this tour, and to be able to talk to you, pray for you, hear your stories and release to you an impartation of courage and strength for what lies ahead. 

As you go through your holiday plans this week, please remember that on December 26, 2014 things will either go back to normal, as they've always been, or they will take a sudden shift toward something very different in the upcoming year. I want to challenge you to lay aside all of your excuses, reasons and even other commitments, and do whatever you can to get to this event. WE WILL see lives changed, bodies healed, spirits renewed, and the word of God for the upcoming year released.

I'm doing everything I can to make this a very unique experience for all of you. We currently have 500-700+ people at each location and limited seating for VIPs. The VIP experience will be unlike ANYTHING we've ever done in my 5 years of hosting events. The VIP attendees will be able to come back stage with me for over an hour of special time together, where we'll do pictures, I've got gifts for you and other very special things for people who are serious about going to the next level in all that God has for them. NOW is the time to use that Christmas money grandma gave you! Get a VIP Seat if you are at all able to do so!! General admission is FREE for everyone to attend!

DO NOT wait for us to come to your location! RISE UP!  #BEMORE and do whatever it takes. Drive, fly… ride a bike if you have to. The one with the most courage is the one who wins the race! See you soon!

REGISTER NOWhttp://www.arealchange.com/bemore/

We are going to be closing the doors on a few events very soon and VIP seating is almost at capacity!

See you soon!

With love,


Sandi Krakowski