The POWER Of One Tweet Could Change Your Life! 

Today I'm doing an interview with a Ruby client, John Hays, who also is a personal friend of our family. You might recognize his name as he was the AMAZING photographer at Justin and Holly's engagement! 

Have you ever wondered if Twitter was really worth your time and effort? I mean why do we need two social media platforms anyways?

During the last 3 years unanimously, some of the biggest connections in our companies history have been through Twitter. It was through Twitter that we met John! We met PJ McClure, who is now one of our full time coaches, through Twitter. We connected with Dave Ramsey and EntreLeadership through Twitter! I met Chalene Johnson through Twitter… my goodness, the list goes on!

Listen in as I teach you how to make genunie connections on Twitter, for your business. Here's today's episode