How To Apply Your Faith At Work In Challenging Circumstances 

My latest article in Entrepreneur Magazine is on a topic that very few people would ever dare to touch. "The Winning Traits Of Faith-Based Leaders."  It's not a playground, taking your faith to work- it's a battlefield! ONLY the strong will survive.

In this article, which by the way is nearly going viral on Twitter, I give 5 steps that you can apply instantly to increase your faith at work and how to walk it out in even the most challenging circumstances.

I'm talking about drama in the workplace, people on Twitter who don't know you and say things that are rude and uncalled for, how to not lose your focus when everything you trusted in CHANGES and more!

Please stop by and give me your thoughts. It's my honor to serve you!

With love,

Sandi Krakowski

Sandi Krakowski