Wouldn’t it be nice to work fewer hours while getting more done and making more profit?

I want to talk to you guys today about how to increase your sales without increasing your hours. Sounds crazy, right? Business has transformed so much in the last twenty years, and therefore business owners must transform too. For those of you who don’t know, I built my very first business almost twenty-two years ago online. So I want to talk about the business world then and now, and share some ideas for how you can transform too.

Twenty-two years ago, I started an online kitchen store that I grew to over 4.5 million dollars in profit by my third year. Completely self-taught. It was an eCommerce environment where we drop shipped kitchenware that was ordered online. We went from just a couple stellar products that we had to over 400 items. Since then, I have also had copyrighting firms, marketing firms, and I have been a spiritual life coach. I’ve done direct sales. I’ve done public speaking. I’ve personally, self-published two books. And have made over a million dollars in self-publishing.

Why do I tell you all of this? Because there is a lot that goes into growing a business or increasing sales, but it is also totally attainable to add an additional six figures to your business in one year without adding more than maybe five hours per month to your schedule.

You may have heard about the business of information marketing, but let me add my two cents to the conversation. If you can learn to share your expertise and information about your product or field in a way that connects to a larger audience, then you can capitalize on that information market.

If you were to take your expertise and put it into material that is marketable on the internet, then you can capitalize on the growth of technology to grow your business. Videos, ebooks, online membership courses, and webinars are only a few examples of the vast amount of opportunities that exist in the world of information marketing. There is a huge platform for sharing your information in a way where you can get paid monthly. If you were to have just ten people every month join you in your business by subscribing to your content and buying your products, then you could continue to grow your audience and subsequently grow your business into six-figures.

The great thing about this process is that you’re only creating fresh content every month. It takes about five hours, and then you’re taking the content and reselling it. You’ll only have to spend a few hours creating content, which is easy. You’ll probably end up spending more time getting that content in front of more people than you will spend actually creating the content.

This is where my expertise comes in. I pride myself on being an expert when it comes to getting content in front of millions of people and generating sales from that content. This has been the center focus for every business I have grown.

So start thinking about what you are an expert at or what people always ask you for advice on and start thinking about ways you could share that expertise in a more marketable way.

What kind of content can you create right now that you could resell to make money?

This can really be almost anything. Everything from how to organize a room, how to grocery shop, how to save money, how to braid hair, how to follow a specific diet, how to do makeup, to dental practices and self-publishing tips or chiropractic strategies. Anything that you’ve successful done or any advice that you have given someone for free over a cup of coffee can become part of your business.

This type of content can be produced in a multitude of ways. Videos, ebooks, audio files, podcasts. You name it.

Technology has allowed the online community to grow, so why not grow with it.

It has always been my honor to help small business owners grow their businesses in a way that allows them to better their quality of life.

What could you do to add an additional six figures to your business? And once you have, what could you do with those additional figures to help the world around you?

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With love,